Today, we’ve got memes. Delicious memes. Hilarious memes. Memes that will really put hair on your chest, unless you don’t want to happen, in which case they’ll remove hair from your chest, or keep your chest-hair level exactly the same as it is.

Whatever floats your boat. With memes, anything is possible.

Enjoy these fifteen dreamy memes.

15. Temperature check

Great, now I have to think about this a whole lot.

14. Like a rock

May we never return to these dark roots.

13. Stick to it

There’s a lot more to the story here than what we’re seeing.

12. So close

When they back out of that spot there’s gonna be trouble.

11. Wave goodbye

I can hear the birds already…

10. Broken breaking

What can I say? Union rules.

9. You dog, you

Man, I gotta lay off the sauce.

8. No sun of mine

That’s enough of that, back to bed now.

7. The golden age

There’s room for everybody, come on in.

6. Night time is bite time

So very provocative.

5. Date night

When he said that his jokes kill I’m not sure this is what he meant.

4. OUR space

Those were the days of glory.

3. Public problems

I need like a private public. Like an island.

2. Phoning it in

Maybe I’m doing work on this thing, you don’t know.

1. Escape room

The only keyboard we need in life.

I think it’s safe to say this list has been a meme come true.

What’s your favorite place to find new memes?

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