The internet was more or less created so we could dunk on each other. I’m pretty sure back in the 70’s when the whole thing was just two computers in California or whatever, the people on each of those computers were just feverishly waiting for the other to slip up so they could try to say something clever but devastating.

Here are thirteen of the best online responses ever.

13. Don’t clown around

Those are some awful big shoes to fill.

12. Getting on the map

And they’re all turning left.

11. Block and tackle

Why does anybody want this?

10. Something rotten

This lot can’t even take on Jared Leto.

9. Pack it in

Becoming homeless to win an argument.

8. A door-able

It’s just about the only way we open up.

7. I c you

Very British problems.

6. Deep breaths

My lungs only got like three bars, bro.

5. Pound for pound

We have a metric ton of problems.

Via: Imgur

4. The elephant in the room

Welp, the contract has been signed, I guess.

3. Might I opine?

What a weird gotcha.

2. Wrap things up

Maybe not the ultimate solution you imagine it to be.

1. Plant yourself firmly

And he said that it was good, and lo, it WAS good.

Now time to get back on Twitter and wait for someone to say something dumb…my hour of glory is at hand…

What’s the best comeback you’ve come across lately?

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