There are three things none of us can live without. I can’t remember what the first two are but I’m pretty sure the third one is memes. In fact that might have been the first two as well. Not sure. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at memes lately and now that’s kind of all I can think about.

If that’s all you can think about too, you should probably check out these random memes. For your survival.

15. Built like a brick

Outlawed by the Geneva Convention, I believe.

14. Get out

And you should SEE how fast I type.

13. Public shaming

Seriously, where do they get off?

12. Stick it out

Bruh I can’t use chopsticks with ten fingers, I don’t get this at all.

11. Take lunch

These flames will toast my sandwich nicely.

10. Screen time

These texts are a very important part of my process.

9. Top 8

I’m still out here trying to reach this level of coolness.

8. Warm embrace

Move over normal sadness, it’s cold weather sadness time.

7. You slay me

Wait, am I not actually funny?

6. Bump

I’ll bet the cost of living in a Montana tree is pretty sweet.

5. The aftermath

That’s it, no more tequila.

4. Weather or not

My bed is the only truly safe place to be.

3. Getting nippy

Yeah baby, show us some skin.

2. Outside forces

I’ve made a huge mistake.

1. Think it through

Getting warmer…

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that those memes are absolutely indispensable and without them you’d be dead by now. You’re welcome.

What else could you not live without?

Tell us in the comments.