Kids. You can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

Well, I mean you can live without them if you don’t have them.

Listen, sometimes parents sure wish they could send them off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a few weeks (er, months?… years?)

No, you’d miss them too much, right?

But you know what you’d miss? These 15 hilarious examples of kids just … being kids!

1. Cleanup Time

… with Daddy’s toothbrush! You weren’t going to use that anyway.

Lockdown day 17. In case anyone is wondering how us parents are doing, this is my 3 years old cleaning his potty with my toothbrush
by infunny

2. Fishing Rods

What a great idea! They’re so absorbent!

My son found my “fishing rods”
byu/Giraffeshavenecks infunny

3. Bye Sully

What a monster turd that was!

Had to replace and shatter my toilet to see what the blockage was. My 2 year old had flushed Sully in there…even he looks guilty.
byu/deacon_of_fire inWellthatsucks

4. Honey, Please Don’t Lick That

Aw, mom, come on! It’s just begging to be licked!

Got that face when I asked her not to kiss the manhole cover
byu/nutella_jpt0 inKidsAreFuckingStupid

5. Privacy Premium

Nope, none to be found around here. Even if there’s a screen in between us and them.

They’re just curious
byu/MrTurts inKidsAreFuckingStupid

6. Strawberry Struggle

This part tastes the best, obviously. They found out!

The way my little brother eats strawberries ( then proceeds to leave them out all night )
byu/sdrowlatt64 inKidsAreFuckingStupid

7. Tub ‘Tude

Dang, now that deserves some kind of award!

8. Potty Soup

Hey, now that’s not a bad idea! Who’s hungry?

She wanted to make “Potty Soup”
byu/gabagool- inKidsAreFuckingStupid

9. Major Creeper

“I always feel like, somebody’s watching meeeeee! And I get no privacy… oh oh oh oh…”

My son discovered that I’m not really at work, but am working from home
byu/fleetmack inaww

10. Escape Plan

Now that’s some seriously good artwork right there! Bravo!

I caught my daughter trying to plan an escape from quarantine!
byu/TamIAm82 infunny

11. Bossman Dad

Aww, but look how much he loves him! Head massages!

Working from home…
byu/redditnihilist infunny

12. Smart Alec

There’s always one who has to be a comedian.

Because we all have that one kid…
byu/glitterbricks infunny

13. Bye Bears

Scandalous beheading!


14. Cheese Whiz

Now this kid is going places!

I present to you “orange puff spinning” in my son’s words… I never thought I’d have to vacuum my washer, but here we are.
by inKidsAreFuckingStupid

15. Toasted Heater

Mmmm, delicious!

Daughter decided to toast her crackers in the heater and not tell me about it for a couple years
byu/yesyoucantouchthat inKidsAreFuckingStupid

Do you need any more proof that having children can be both hellish and hilarious? I think not. Some of these are just too funny — you have to laugh!

Do you have any parenting horror stories that would make you cry if you weren’t laughing so hard?

Let us know in the comments!

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