I don’t think there’s been a whole lot of news over the past couple of years that’s given us a ton of hope for the future of humanity (if you ask me, anyway), so if you’re already on the fence about people, you’ll want to proceed with caution.

Because these 15 comments made by people on Twitter are so awfully idiotic that it’s hard to believe these people can function in regular life.

You might think that sounds harsh, but listen. Read the list and then tell me what you think.

15. Dangit, Arthur!

Why did you have to write this about me?!

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14. Yes, but…

Some people’s ages have 0’s in them. You know, occasionally?

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13. That’s not what they’re called.

But I mean, dig in all the same, friend.

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12. Not at the same time.

At least, not if you know the definition of the word “vegan.”

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11. I have no idea what’s going on here.

Absolutely none of this makes sense.

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10. People can’t get sick if they’re dead.

Not the most effective way to get rid of a disease.

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9. Geography not geology.

Just saying. Silly girl.

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8. There might be more wrong than the door thing.

Or it knocked quite a bit loose.

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7. Definitely don’t try this at home.

OP should have known better, to be honest.

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6. Those poor minions.

I don’t think we should eat them, even with sauce.

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5. I think you’re confused.

But…you can’t even remember all 7 continents?

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4. There are…all kinds of animals?

What do they think the criteria is?

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3. I mean sometimes we’re just hungry.

And everything sounds like its about food.

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2. We all digest, sir.

Why do you think that makes you special?

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1. Someone wasn’t paying attention in math class.

I mean, most of us probably weren’t.

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Well? Did I oversell? Was I being mean?

If you think so, our comments are open for your reproach!