Even before we become parents, I think most of us realize there is a certain amount of awkwardness involved – because we were kids once, and on the other side of those conversations that made us want to crawl out of our skin, right?

That said, we’re not always prepared when it happens. At least, I imagine these 15 parents weren’t as prepared as they hoped they might be when these awkward moments reared their heads.

15. Bless his little heart.

Object permanence is a heck of a trip.


14. The things they don’t teach you.

I mean, the things we didn’t even think about demanding to be taught.

13. Cute and dumb.

Add “suicidal” and you’ve summed up toddlers.

12. They’re not going to correct him, either.

Because honestly, why would they? Now other people can feel uncomfortable too!


11. I mean, that’s one way to do life.

Not a way that’s going to earn you a whole lot of friends, though.

10. Family brushing prevents cavities.

I wonder how long this will go on.

9. That is one uncomfortable moment.

Those parents were wondering just who they were raising for a few minutes.

8. That’ll make you stop and think.

Especially if you have it hollered your direction.

Found this gem as I was going through my Facebook memories. My son was 4 when this went down.
byu/aly1529 inKidsAreFuckingStupid

7. Maybe time for a DNA test.

Because that is some suspect intelligence.

6. Look out for that one.

She’ll definitely put you in a home…but she’ll visit.

5. Time to make some new coffee.

I mean, at least you saw it happen.


4. Time for the awkward genetics conversation.

Yep, your nose is weird too, love. Blame your father.

3. I would have failed that test.

And I was a dang good server back in my day.

2. This coming from a kid, who can find nothing.

At least he understands the concept of trying your best.

1. Thank goodness you weren’t in public.

Although this would be way funnier if they had been.

Y’all, I am not ready. My kids are still small but they’re getting bigger every day and this is definitely coming.

What’s the most awkward conversation you’ve had with your kids? How did you navigate it? Lay it all on us down in the comments!