You’re officially considered an adult when you turn 18-years-old, whether you like it or not. And even though you think you’re pretty much invincible when you’re that age, you’re really not…and before you know it, you’ll be turning 40.

So to all the teens out there: listen to these words of wisdom because you don’t know everything…even though you might think you do…

AskReddit users weighed in with their advice for young people.

1. Take care of those choppers!

“The sooner you get a good routine the better.

So I would say learn to take care of your teeth and don’t forget to floss! It’s easy to look over flossing and not do it but it’s so important and future you will thank you!”

2. Be careful on the road.

“Don’t drive like a 12 year old playing GTA V.

Don’t drive if you are drinking.



3. Make good choices.

“It takes one bad decision/ moment to change your life forever.

Back in the day I knew this guy, he was probably 20 at the time, (not a friend, small town so everyone knew everyone) who drunkenly punched another guy. Well the guy fell, hit his head on the concrete and from what I heard blood starts pooling around his head and and the pool is getting pretty big. To his credit the guy who did the punching called the ambulance.

Anyhow the guy who was knocked out spent about two weeks in hospital, needed surgery, broken jaw, etc. The guy who did the assault did 5 years in prison for it.”

4. Friends will come and go.

“Be social but remember friends will come and go.

Dont invest in people that wont invest in you.”

5. Practice those life skills.

“Learn some basic cooking. Learn how to wash clothes, hang them up, do ironing etc. You may be moving out soon, so practice the skills you will need. Imagine all the things you would have to do if mum and dad weren’t around, then start practicing them.

Draw up a budget. Look at how much to rent in the place you want to live, add in food and elec and mobile phone and internet. Don’t forget to add bond too.”

6. Stay motivated.

“How you organize a day without the structure of school. That planned environment is going away fast and some of your peers are really going to struggle with finding their pace and motivation.

Also, procrastination is a bitch.”

7. You will change.

“Listen to your desires and dreams.

I’m 28. My goals and dreams now are vastly different than when i was 18. Listen to those changes. For a long time I kept chasing a dream almost because I felt I owed it to my younger self. It’s ok for your dreams to change as you age and your circumstances change.

Who you are now will not be the same person you are at 23. And as you grow listen to your internal monologue. Dreams and desire change. Grow with them.”

8. Make yourself a priority.

“Taking care of your physical and mental health before you fall into the trap of “I dont have time for it.”

Really sit down and think about how you can better yourself for your own sake.”

9. This is important.

““Authorized user” is sort of a cheat code in the credit world. If your parents have decent credit and take care of their shit, see if they’ll make you an AU on a card and then lock the card up in a box.

Being AU makes the credit history of the account show up on your credit report. If financial responsibility is a big deal in your house, this can have some major advantages when you’re trying to get started.”

10. Shit gets real.


As soon as you hit 18 things start becoming real. Don’t get married without being sure of your future spouse, don’t go unprotected during sex, don’t get into a relationship where your other half will get you in trouble with the law.”

11. Keep your nose clean.

“You are now risking real jail time.

What were once just shenanigans (kids will be kids) are potentially things that will haunt you for a really long time.”

12. Be careful what you post.

“Your data trail online.

Old Instagram and Facebook posts can come back and haunt you during future interviews.”

13. It’s up to you.

“Learn how to take care yourself.

Take full responsibility for everything that is happening in your life. Create big goals and have a life purpose if you have one. Focus on saving money and don’t buy stupid shit to impress people you don’t even like.”

14. Do what it takes.

“Getting shit together. 18 isn’t the age you should be thinking you’re a full blown adult. Nah. You need to venture into the 20’s for that. But between 18 and 21. You just gotta get your shit together.

No matter what it is. Financial. Mental. Physical. Just do whatever it takes to make sure you can fully prosper from stressed out teen to a battle hardened grown up.”

15. Don’t even start.


Started with cigs so I could take breaks at work (construction) 22 now and cant quit vaping.

Shit sucks.”

Pretty good advice, I think.

What about you? Do you remember getting good advice when you were about to become an “adult”?

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