We all know that real food, like fruits and veggies, is better for us than processed foods…but that doesn’t mean we always want a piece of fruit. Especially when you see how weird fruit can get. We’re talking “Eat Twinkies for the Rest of Your Life” levels of weird.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but still.

These 17 photos of fruit may very well make your stomach turn. You’ve been warned.

1. Conjoined grapes.

Photo Credit: Reddit: darko81

2. This lemon creature.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @EggsyGLC

3. Two bananas for the price of one.

Photo Credit: Reddit: bboyZA

4. Here’s what they look like from the outside.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Guzzler829

5. This horrendous triple kiwi.

6. And here it is opened up:

7. This strawberry that looks like it’s splattered on the ground.

8. Not to mention this sprouted strawberry.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Proteon

9. Seriously, stop!

Photo Credit: Reddit: AmoosingCows

10. Um, I think I’d put that apple back.

Photo Credit: Imgur: billermeth

11. This banana is straight. Too straight…

Photo Credit: Reddit: Benthew

12. An ingrown tomato.

13. And these sprouting apple seeds.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Jynxbunni

14. This moshpit of lemons.

Photo Credit: Reddit: emynnmuil

15. This apple that looks like a pear.

Photo Credit: Reddit: ConnorConnox

16. An orange inside of an orange. Orange-ception.

Photo Credit: Reddit: MoreFurious1

17. And here’s a clementine doing the same thing.

Photo Credit: Reddit: alarbus

I think I’ll take a day or two away from fruit, thanks.