You might think that Twitter is just all people being crappy to each other and sharing silly memes.

Well, you’re RIGHT! Most of the time.

But sometimes… things can actually be really cool there. And we’ve got the proof!

It turns out we can learn a lot from Twitter…maybe even more than we can in a classroom. That’s kind of depressing to think about, isn’t it?

Oh well, let’s roll with it!

1. I did not know that!

Those are called cashew apples AND they’re poisonous. So that’s fun!

2. Eyes are buggin’ out.

We are all that conch at some point in our life.


3. That’s pretty handy.

I love this!

4. Just like that.

That burnt toast trick is INSANE! I want to do all of these.


5. Saves a lot of time.

That kid is amazing!

6. We’re living in the future.

That is super creepy and super cool.

7. It’s man made, baby!

I mean, it grows out there… but it was bred that way.


8. Just did a test run myself.

It works. 10/10 times.


9. Not barking.

But… they definitely DO sound like they’re barking.

10. No more basic folders.

Seriously, try this out. It’s super cool.

So… that’s some knowledge being dropped, right?

Now it’s your turn to tell us something awesome. In the comments, tell us the most interesting thing you’ve learned on Twitter.

Or… you can also tell us which one of these you loved learning the most.

Either works for us! Now then, let’s get our learnin’ on, fam!