As a transplant to the South, I must say there are certain things that the natives do that still make me scratch my head.

But, I’m sure if people who weren’t from the Midwest went there, they’d think some of the habits and customs were strange, too.

Either way, the South has a lot of odd quirks that truly make it unique. Here are some of the funny observations people on Twitter had about this part of the country.

1. Get with the program.

2. There goes Curly Sue.

3. Go fetch that buggie.

4. Do what, now?

5. Nothing wrong with that.

6. Grilled cheese salad.

7. They’re definitely not prepared for snow or ice.


8. Son, listen to me…


9. That’s just the way it is.

10. They’re really good at that.

11. Because it’s delicious!

12. Including their underwear.

13. Bring on the moonshine!

14. That one is kind of strange.

15. This is spot-on.

Do you live in the South? Or maybe you’re a native Southerner who left for another part of the country?

Share your thoughts on all things Southern with us in the comments!