There are jokes, and then there are jokes that throw you for a loop with a major plot twist.

And that’s the sign of a stellar joke. Keep ’em guessing, right?

That’s exactly what these gems do.

1. Why do you ask?

2. Wait a second…

3. Wouldn’t want to disappoint her.

4. I think I’m gonna be sick.

5. You’re not having a good time?

6. Dad jokes are universal.

7. Might want to have that checked out.

8. They’ll get over it

9. Nice tone, as well.

10. I’m innocent, sir.

11. Who’s to blame here?

12. There was a game?

13. Like a clown car.

14. I’m sure she loved that.

15. Yeah, just keep walking.

I didn’t see that coming! Did you?!?!

Share some of your best twisty and turn-y jokes in the comments and we’ll see how they measure up.