I don’t know about you, but I need some good, old-fashioned wholesomeness in my life. And I need it NOW to help me navigate another long week.

And I think you might need some, too.

Join me, won’t you? Let’s enjoy this together.

1. You changed their lives

[deleted by user]
by inBeforeNAfterAdoption

2. The love is keeping them warm

3. That’s what friends are for

4. Best official NASA photo ever

Pure Wholesome Dump

5. This is wonderful


6. I would’ve done the same thing

7. True love right there

8. And the dog is loving it

9. I think we know who will come out on top

10. That’s called #winning!

11. Isn’t that adorable?

12. The kid couldn’t hold it in

13. The punks love the pup

“My friend lives above a punk bar and sent us this pic of her dog and the regulars”
byu/SpermaSpons inaww

14. You need to lose some weight, Mr. Whiskers

15. And off you go!

Ahhhh, that makes me feel a lot better.

Did it work for you, too?

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