We’re pretty sure we’re not living in a simulation, but then again, so was Jim Carrey’s Truman before he figured out the truth.

But seriously, reality is real. That said, these 16 bizarre images are almost weird enough to make us think we’re living in a (slightly imperfect) simulation after all.

16. That’s exactly what they look like.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

These trees that look like their textures didn’t fully load
byu/brodoyouevenflip inmildlyinteresting

15. It doesn’t even look like it’s in the pizza.

What a weird angle, I guess.

The pizza saver on my pizza makes the photo look like a video with a play button
byu/poranges inmildlyinteresting

14. That’s definitely a unique decor choice.

To each their own, right?

I’ve made a fireplace with a rotating mirror ball.
byu/Demongeeks8 inmildlyinteresting

13. I have no idea who thought this was a good idea.

Maybe it’s one-way glass?

These urinals where you can look out to the street. Windows aren’t tinted at all so you can also see in. Even has a sink on top of each one.
byu/noconn36 inmildlyinteresting

12. Some people just want to mess with the rest of us.

Chaos demons, for sure.

This Random Blue Door
byu/IllusoryEnd inmildlyinteresting

11. It does exist.

I wonder if all of the mods live there for free.

Found a Reddit house.
byu/9Sandwiches inmildlyinteresting

10. Everyone deserves coffee. And donuts.

Dunkin’ gets it, y’all.

Dunkin’ in Old Town, Al-Ula. Saudi Arabia
byu/Kharjawy inmildlyinteresting

9. What a weird installation.

They could make a whole graveyard if they wanted.

This gravestone of Internet Explorer a Korean made.
byu/artistXenon inmildlyinteresting

8. Definitely suspicious.

I would still eat it, though.

this particularly round potato chip
byu/chamalis inmildlyinteresting

7. That is not a lizard.

It’s obviously a fairy.

My lizard sleeps on her own little bed
byu/20127010603170562316 inmildlyinteresting

6. Sometimes Mother Nature is perfect.

Those are glorious moments, too.

This very neat rose
byu/ndottdot inmildlyinteresting

5. Some people are so stinking talented.

I could never do this in a million years.

found this painting in a tree last winter
byu/silentcrafting inmildlyinteresting

4. I can’t be the only one who wants one now.

This is perfection!

Last year walking to work in the city, I saw a jeep that looked like a Barbie jeep.
byu/Legitimate_March8555 inmildlyinteresting

3. This is what I imagine trees look like, too.

For the most part, anyway.

A face carved into a tree in Hamedan (Iran)
byu/SoIamtheignorantnow inmildlyinteresting

2. That’s oddly specific.

But I guess we can do that.

Speed Limit of 23
byu/NoChillNoah5 inmildlyinteresting

1. I bet this person totally geeked out.

It’s a photo op worth taking your shoes off for in public.

The insoles of these shoes look like this tiled floor.
by inmildlyinteresting

I definitely had to look at some of these more than once, how about you?

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