When I was about 10-years-old, my friend John and his younger siblings had a babysitter for the night because their parents went out for a night on the town.

Their house backed up to the woods and when it was late and very dark outside and the kids were already sleeping, the teenage babysitter was scared out of her wits by a guy who had wandered out of the woods and was slamming his fists on the living room windows. Yikes!

She called her brother and her dad who came speeding over to the house, but the guy had run off into the woods by the time they got there and they never caught the guy…and luckily he didn’t make inside the house…

Sounds like a horror movie, right?

AskReddit users shared their creepy stories that happened when they were home alone.

1. This is terrifying.

“One afternoon someone knocked at my back door. I thought it was the guy coming to read our meter, so I opened the door. Next thing I know, two huge guys pushed into the house, and one of them threw me up against the wall.

Then they shoved me down on the couch. They told me they were Hell’s Angels, and they were pissed because my bf was selling too much drugs, cutting into their profits. They kept calling me by my nextdoor neighbor’s name. We had suspected they were selling drugs.

All of the people stopping by for less than 5min made it pretty obvious. I just kept telling them I wasn’t her. One of them searched the house, while the other kept me pinned to the couch.

They started to realize they were in the wrong house, because they couldn’t find anything where they were told it was. My neighbor’s house is a single floor, with a basement. My house is a 4 level, back split. Then I showed them my mail, because it showed my name, and they knew they f*cked up.

They started telling me that they were after my neighbor’s bf, because he r*ped their cousin. Which I knew was BS, but I didn’t care, I just wanted them to leave. They robbed me of my cash, and left. I now have locks on my screen doors.”

2. Could have been bad…

“That day was Friday, game night. Just moved into our new apartment, so none of our friends know where we live currently. Wife goes out to hang out with friends.

It’s 12am, I hear a knock on our door. It’s a man’s voice. Now this is weird for several reasons, no one knows where we live, and a man knocking at 12am? Nah, huge red flags.

I tell him give me a minute. I go grab the biggest knife I could. As I open the door I hide the knife behind the thigh furthest from him.

It’s a police officer, and he’s responding to someone in the neighborhood who claimed they got stabbed….

I’m literally holding a f*cking knife. Lucky I hid the knife behind me, chatted a bit and he left.

Could have been bad.”

3. Crazy woman.

“Not exactly alone. But I was home with my newborn son and someone knocked on the front door.

I was expecting my mother, but she usually comes in through the garage. I thought it was strange, but yelled “come in!” Because why wouldn’t I?

Then this cracked out old woman comes stumbling through the door, and asks me for a ride to the nearest gas station. I told her I didn’t have a car seat for my son so I couldn’t go anywhere.

So she starts screaming “THAT’S JUST INAPPROPRIATE!” And doesn’t stop even when I’m telling her she needs to leave or I’ll call the cops. After a minute or so, my mother actually pulls in the driveway, the crackhead sees the car and bolts back out the door, and I never see her again.

That night my truck got broken into. Can’t for sure say it was the same woman, but I have her description to the cops anyway.”

4. Very creepy.

“I was asleep at home alone.

When I turned over in bed, I casually opened my eyes a little whilst turning and they were shut again just as quickly. In that split second, I could have sworn I had seen a man stood at the bottom of my bed. I laid still. Awake with my eyes closed.

Trying not to act like I was awake and trying to listen for any sound in the room of someone breathing or moving. Couldn’t hear anything. I was too scared to open my eyes and look, consoled myself that there wasn’t any way someone could have gotten in without me hearing a window smash and fell back asleep.

When I got up in the morning though the front door was open. They didn’t take anything and left no signs of being there. Was still very very creepy though.”

5. Yikes.

“Was home with my infant twin daughters who were sound asleep. I was watching tv in the lower level of my tri-level home. On that level, the windows look out to the backyard and as I got up to go to the kitchen, something caught my attention.

What looks like a pale left arm is being subtly illuminated outside in the far right window – maybe 6 inches away from the window. It it angled straight down as if to steadying itself. My heart sunk. Then I could feel my heartbeat in my neck.

I ran up the few stairs to the main floor and grabbed my phone and returned to see if it was still there. Nope. Nothing. I’ve never been remotely shaken like I was then.

Called the non-emergency police and when they arrived, walked to the backyard with the officers but didn’t find anything. They were great and kept saying calling them was the right thing to do, it’s what were are here for, etc.”

6. Made eye contact.

“My roommates were out of town and my dog started growling in the middle of the night at something at the end of a dark hallway. She never behaved like that so I was genuinely freaked out.

Then I started hearing noises coming from my kitchen on the other side of the house. I was fully convinced someone was in there so like any idiot in a movie I got a flashlight and a weapon and went to investigate.

As soon as the flashlight hit the kitchen area something freaked out and knocked a bunch of sh*t over. I was terrified and then my flashlight hit the culprit. A huge f*cking raccoon had snuck through the doggy door and was eating my dogs food in the kitchen.

We made eye contact and it immediately fled outside.”

7. Wow.

“13 November, 1981, I was 15 at the time (F).

I was at home with the cat, my parents were out with friends and the house shook and the lights and electrics went out

They came home a couple of hours later to find me under dining room table with the cat and all the lights out.

Father: why are you sitting in the dark

Me: the house shook and the lights went out

Father: oh, there was a bomb in Wimbledon (6 miles away) by the IRA.

Me: didn’t you think to check I was OK?

Father: Well, we weren’t hurt so you should have been ok

I was terrified. I’d been involved in bomb scares before but never experienced one going off and if the house shook from a bomb 6 miles away it was big.

I’ve only experienced something like that one other time (thank goodness) when the Buncefield Oil Storage exploded in 2005 … that was probably a worse explosion because it happened 40 miles from my home and yet it still shook the walls. It wok my husband with a start who thought for a moment he was back in the army.

And my father … asleep in his own home that night … slept through it.”

8. Still haunted.

“The neighbours dog being hit by a car, because of the sudden sound of screeching tire, bang, loud yelp/scream, then guy screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” at the top of his lungs followed by a chorus of screaming and crying.

By the time I got to the window they were carrying him away. It was really, really sad, and just hearing such a guttural scream of grief from someone in the middle of the night was terrifying in itself and still haunts me.

Poor family and dog.”

9. Looking for a dog.

“I was 13 and my dad was at work and my little sister (then 8) was at my gram’s house. My dad and my older sister (then 16) had recently stolen back her dog (the sweetest Aussie shepherd mix you ever met) from the guy my mom had given it to after she abandoned my older sister on the side of the road.

This man did not treat the dog well and the dog still gets scared before eating to this day.

So while I was home alone, the man comes up the driveway and knocks on the door.

I gave the ‘one minute’ gesture and then grabbed the dog (literally had to carry her because she hates stairs) and my janky flip phone and locked myself in the upstairs bedroom to call my dad while freaking out and then calling the cops and getting mad at them because I was 13 and scared and alone.”

10. Scariest night of my life.

“One night i was home alone grillin and chillin. Drinkin beer and smokin dope, about half lit. Wearing my hoe clothes. It was a great time.

As soon as i sat down to eat I heard a woman yelling for help and pounding on doors. Once i realized she was wasn’t a threat to me i sprinted up the road to find her. She was covered in blood and told me her husband was trapped in the truck he flipped

. She kept trying to get me to help her pull him out of the truck and I said “Lady, I know this is an emergency but I ain’t no EMT” The worst part was I live in the woods with know cell service, but luckily I was able to get to my landlords attention so he could call 911 from the landline.

I was up until 3 am that night because i could not wind down after the fact.

Everyone survived and the guy got out on his own, but it was the scariest night of my life.”

11. FEAR.

“Not supernatural are anything just a timely coincidence.

Last October I found a Ouija board in Goodwill. Brought it home. A few days later I was home by myself and through what the heck I’m mess around with it. So I set down on the floor and I’m not even joking when I say this.

As soon as I said”Is there some one here” the power went out. Like a week.later found out wind had knocked down a power line.

Not gonna lie I p*ssed my pants from fear.”

12. Spooked.

“Me and my dog were chilling in the basement when all of a sudden I see what is very clearly a flashlight beam in the yard near the tiny basement window.

I was especially spooked because only a few weeks before my sister and I had been up very late and, after turning on the kitchen light, had seen a person sprinting across the yard to get away after realizing someone was awake.

I thought I was gonna piss myself with fear. Went upstairs, turned on a light so they knew someone was awake, and let the dog out. She went crazy, barking and whining, and I slowly stuck my head out the door.

It was the neighbor kids who had just moved in, looking for their cat that had gotten out. I was pissed, but mostly just relieved, and let them know that out here in rural areas standing in someone’s yard at night could get you shot.”

13. Rude awakening.

“Sitting there with my American bulldog and BOOM a f*cking car went straight into my house, thru the backyard and into my living room.

There was a gas leak and everything, but it turns out the kid who was drunk driving was the chief of polices son, so he got in no trouble. Scary af seeing headlights IN YOUR HOUSE.”

14. Terrifying.

“Growing up I lived out in the country with only a few houses near us and both my parents worked full time jobs in town. Because of this I spent a lot of my summer days at home by myself. When I was 14 years old I had just got out of the shower and was getting ready in the bathroom mirror when I heard someone in the living room.

The majority of our house was hardwood and there was a very distinct sound when someone walked through the living room. I didn’t think much of it because even though I was home alone my parents often drove home during lunch to eat.

After the person walked around the living room for a couple minutes I finally called out “Mom? Dad?”, but no response. Instead the walking just stopped. I had my cellphone in the bathroom so I called my mom and asked if she was home. She told me no and that my dad was not either.

I told her someone was in the house and she told me to get out. luckily the bathroom I was using was only a few feet away from the front door so I opened the bathroom door and ran out the front door into the yard. Later my mom came and picked me up and my dad walked through the house but no one was there.

This wouldn’t have been too crazy if it wasn’t for what happened in the following days. My neighbor’s wife who lived across the street was taking a nap a couple days later. She woke up to a sound in her house. When she opened her eyes there was a man in her hallway.

She called out to him and he ran out the front door. When she went outside her garage door was opened where he can manually forced it open to get inside. My neighbors wife’s underwear drawer was open and the man had taken all of her panties while she was sleeping. So naturally I assume that the sound in my house the day before where this man as well.”

15. Brutal.

“Fell down the stairs in the middle of the night.

Broke my leg. Had to crawl to my phone to call an ambulance and then to the door to open it. Fun times.”

16. Mating season.

“I was chilling on the couch, doing whatever, when suddenly a “really heavy person” starts sprinting in our attic. Sounded like steel-toed boots and everything. I’m a really small woman, so I immediately freaked out, thinking there’s a gigantic man stomping around my home.

Then the screaming starts. Literal f*cking screaming, like something from the Exorcist, and there’s MULTIPLE voices.

I sneaked outside and cried, extremely shaken, and called the cops. Guess what’s in my attic. Not a big r*pe-y rap*st, no. Raccoons.

Also, the raccoons were mating. That’s what the screaming came from. I bawled to the cops about horny raccoons.”

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