Tastes change as you grow.

Here’s an example. When I was pretty young, my older sister took me to eat Indian food and I was NOT feeling it. In fact, I thought it was pretty gross and didn’t try it again for several years.

Fast forward a few years and I tried it again…I’m not obsessed with it. I love it and I even dream about it sometimes…it might be a problem…

You’ve probably learned to love things in your own life that you despised when you were young, right?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. It’s my lifeforce!


It baffled me why so many adults enjoyed drinking it.

Now, it’s one of the things I look forward to most in my everyday life.”

2. Nice and slow.

“Just sitting calmly and enjoying company or even a view.

In childhood everything has to be fast paced, high energy and action packed.”

3. Get it clean.


As a young child, my method of cleaning my room was just shoving my toys aside to form a walkable path from my door to my bed, and my parents didn’t find it worth the fight to get me to do it properly (I was a spoiled kid).

Now, deep cleaning my house or even just a single room therein is peaceful for me. I feel good taking something unclean and making it sparkle and useful.”

4. Eye-opening.

“Honestly I’d have to say pasta.

My mum always bought those just add water pre made pasta packet thingies. They were gross. It was only when I started dating my now husband that I learnt what pasta is supposed to taste like.

We went out for dinner and he ordered pasta. I commented how can he eat that stuff it tastes like cardboard. He made me try it and it I love it now!

I was also pleasantly surprised at how many varieties and flavors of pasta there is as well.

It was seriously eye opening.”

5. It’s delicious!


Growing up as an Asian there is always rice in our meals.

I hated it so much I cried when I was a kid during meal times. But now I love it.”

6. Public radio.


Always thought my dad was insane when he was listening when he was driving me places and always asked for station to be changed to music.

Now it’s all I listen to, even on runs will listen to podcasts most of the time.”

7. I enjoy it!

“Mowing the lawn.

Hated doing as a kid. Now I own my own house I look forward to it every week.”

8. I avoid this place like the plague.

“Going to Home Depot. As a kid that was my personal hell.

As an adult I could wander that place for hours.

9. Yes!

“Spicy food!

I never understood why anyone would want to hurt themselves with food on purpose.

Now that I’m older, I’ve realized that spice is its own flavor component and is quite delicious when used correctly!”

10. Naps are wonderful.


If I could take a nap every day like I used to be forced to do, I would be the most thankful person in the world.”

11. Keep it coming!


Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant in the summer but I want all my drinks to be iced; water, orange juice, tea, soda, apple juice.

I truly appreciate ice right now.”

12. Food of the Gods.


We never cooked a steak below the doneness of a brick when I was a kid.

FINALLY when my parents pulled the trigger on a smoker, they decided to give medium a try and now they’re hooked.

I can finally enjoy my steak at med rare.”

13. A green thumb.


There’s just something about being outside, surrounded with stuff you planted, hands in the soil, feet on your walking path you built, seeing birds eating the berries you planted for them, and seeing your forest of food growing up all around you year after year, turning from tiny trees into a jungle.

I can have the worst day at work, and 10 minutes in the garden heals it all away. Just walking around my food forest with bare feet, foraging off it like a caveman – the same way as my ancestors who didn’t have to work in a cubicle. It’s powerful man.”

14. A great writer.

“The writer, Graham Greene.

I was made to study Our Man in Havana for O Level English Literature and I hated it. Turned out I was just too young and stupid to appreciate it.

I reread it 30 years later and loved it so much I’ve been steadily working my way through (and really enjoying) his back catalogue.”

15. The great outdoors.


I missed out on a lot of great experiences because I didn’t like camping. My hatred was based on an isolated incident whilst camping.

I regret not doing it more as a kid.”

16. Thrill rides.


I would look away and cry as a kid, but now I annoy people with useless facts about them.”

What did you really not like as a kid but you LOVE as an adult?

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