Most adults have now been on social media for well over a decade. I would hope, at least, that we’ve all grown and changed during that time, so there’s a good chance you said things on Twitter or Facebook back in the day that would make you cringe today.

The internet is forever, though, and you know what? Some people are still saying some pretty questionable stuff on the regular.

These 16 tweets might be some of the dumbest we’ve ever seen – take a look and see whether or not you agree!

16. “Dunce” is about the nicest thing they could have said.

I appreciate a good throwback, too.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

15. That’s not how this works.

Like…any of it.

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14. First of all…

You know what, nevermind. I can’t do this.

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13. At first it’s like yay learning new things!

But then you get all the way to the end.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

12. Good luck with that.

I’m thinking that it might not work out.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

11. Amazing what a quick Google can do.

Maybe next time try it before you shout out something random on the internet.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

10. Wild, indeed.

Those are…those are the same thing.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

9. Where even to start?

I’m sure I have no idea.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

8. What’s worse, the question or the answer?

You’re going to have to decide because I can’t.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

7. Just when you think it can’t get any worse…

Y’all people cannot be this clueless, right?

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

6. I love the response so much.

Short and to the point (but not sweet).

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

5. You don’t have to understand it for it to be true.

Everyone say it with me now.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

4. This just makes me laugh.

At least they’re gonna love that little baby.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

3. I’m not sure you know about Halloween.

I feel like they just made this up and didn’t think about it at all.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Guys, math is hard.

Give this person a break (after you have a laugh).

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

1. They tried to be helpful and polite.

And yet it was all for naught.

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I mean, what can you do? People are gonna people, so I guess just laugh?

What’s the dumbest comment you’ve seen online? If it rivals there, we want to hear about it in the comments!