We all have our areas of expertise in life. Things we feel comfortable weighing in on no matter the situation, that we’re certain we’re up to date and we know what we’re talking about.

Then there are the things people are totally sure they’re right and informed about, but it turns out they’re actually wrong…and that confidence suddenly seems more funny than anything.

These 17 people definitely fall into the latter category today, so let’s have a laugh (and maybe give them a reassuring pat on the back.”

17. This is an amazing insult.

The Brits do creative cursing best.

[deleted by user]
by inconfidentlyincorrect

16. It’s a legitimate question.

Maybe she’s not aware.

HIV and Covid are the same…right ?
byu/Formal_Expert335 inconfidentlyincorrect

15. Can they not read?

Bless their hearts.

Why won’t you say Merry Christmas?!
byu/iregretjumping inconfidentlyincorrect

14. There’s just so much wrong here.

Like, the only thing that’s right are the first three words.

I’m counting three things wrong with this
byu/DeathRaeGun inconfidentlyincorrect

13. So many assumptions.

So many assumptions corrected in a single post.

“aThEiSM iS a ReLiGiOn”
byu/da_skeetboi inconfidentlyincorrect

12. Y’all I cannot stop laughing.

Everywhere you look here something is funny.

byu/AbbyHutio inconfidentlyincorrect

11. A small history lesson.

With a rather large impact.

Glenn Beck is bad at history
by inconfidentlyincorrect

10. Wrong and insulting.

One more thing and it could be a trifecta!

If it’s not white, it’s uncivilized
byu/alexaclova inconfidentlyincorrect

9. 2 legit to quit.

You can’t even argue with these types, but it’s fun to try.

It’s a hoax
byu/StayPuzzled inconfidentlyincorrect

8. A quick Google could have saved you.

Always check with your friend Google before you post.

On how to be cool, and not a fool.
byu/Intensly_Human inconfidentlyincorrect

7. Presented without comment.

Because I literally have nothing to say.

They’re so close to getting it
byu/Tara_is_a_Potato inconfidentlyincorrect

6. They didn’t even have to address the 5G thing.

The rest of it was wrong, too.

When you can’t tell antennas and solar panels apart
byu/beerbellybegone inconfidentlyincorrect

5. Y’all I just howled.

They’re so close to getting the point!

From this example I’d say: hard no to homeschool, lady
byu/cimocw inconfidentlyincorrect

4. This made me snort.

It might actually qualify as hunting, though.

hunting vegies
byu/samrphgue inconfidentlyincorrect

3. To be fair, maths are hard.

But I mean. Not that hard.

2020 + 80
byu/springheeledjack69 inconfidentlyincorrect

2. Just a little bit of research, come on!

It’s really not that hard.

Mistakes were made
byu/BUTTHOLE-MAGIC inconfidentlyincorrect

1. Pretty cringe.

So much for knowing everything we’re putting int our bodies.

Tetanus shot is literally a vaccine. The dose you get when injured is literally a booster.
byu/Flupox inconfidentlyincorrect

I mean, this is why the phrase “bless your heart” was invented, I swear.

Have you ever witnessed or experienced a moment like this? Tell us about it in the comments!