At this moment in time, I would guess that the majority of moms out there in the trenches are millennials.

I mean sure, there are the outliers–the young Gen Z moms or the late Gen X or Xennial moms who took their time, but for the most part, if you’ve got kids still at home, these 18 funny posts are for you.

18. Just a lovely photo.

Maybe it is possible to break the cycle of generational trauma.

17. I mean, there are worse things.

At least this way you can give up dieting altogether.

16. This kid is going places.

What a great person he seems to be.

15. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start.

These things would probably be toward the top.

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14. You mess with the bull…

This is what happens, young lady.

13. What a good boy.

And what a good mom!

12. This was likely the nicest idea she had.

I want to be her bestie.

11. I mean this is gross.

And also exactly what he deserved.

10. Oh, don’t worry.

Things can definitely still get worse.

9. Only four stars?

I wonder why she took one off…

8. This cannot be real life.

Who actually has a thing about hair color?!

7. This is just the sweetest.

Once a good dad, always a good dad.

6. So many small human clothes.

It actually never ends.

5. Why is this so important?

It’s for the government, isn’t it.

4. Seeing is no longer believing.

I have no idea how this happened.

3. I would SO be here for this.

I know I’m not the only one.

2. This is funny.

Unless it’s you and then it’s sad and embarrassing.

1. Seriously, just stop.

Other people’s reproductive choices are none of your business.

I’m a bit older than the typical millennial mom, but these definitely made my day.

What about you? Tell us which one resonated the most and why in the comments!