It can sometimes seem as if we’ve seen and heard it all these days – the internet can give you that impression sometimes, don’t you think?

It can kind of be fun to realize the universe still has (and will always have) new mysteries to unravel and little surprises in store – like these 18 images, some of which are bound to surprise you.

18. Now I need to know why.

Can a smart person please explain?

Lemons float, limes sink
byu/verygoodwood inmildlyinteresting

17. What 1 gram of gold looks like.

That’s very, very small.

1 gram (~$57) of pure gold.
byu/Super-Saiyan-Potato inmildlyinteresting

16. My brain can’t quite grasp this.

It looks like some kind of abstract painting.

A storm literally picked up and moved this road
byu/Craigrets inmildlyinteresting

15. I’m not sure I could eat that.

It looks too much like an onion.

These white apples that grow in my yard.
byu/SubmarineAdmiral inmildlyinteresting

14. Is this real?

Someone tell me in the comments if it’s a gag (or where I can find them).

These huge blueberries I found.
byu/ImObviouslyOblivious inmildlyinteresting

13. I wonder how much it cost to get there.

Everything is so prohibitively expensive these days.

My grandparents hotel bill from their first night in Hawaii
byu/coddat inmildlyinteresting

12. Where can I get one of these?

Talk about a small way to make a big life improvment.

My toaster has “a bit more” button
byu/vpalko123 inmildlyinteresting

11. That’s something to see.

The rest of us may as well just give up now.

I stacked 65 jenga blocks on one block
byu/Brilliant_Group_4074 inmildlyinteresting

10. So…a spatula.

It makes sense, I’ve just never considered it before now.

The prongs weren’t cut on this fork.
byu/redrum993 inmildlyinteresting

9. This doesn’t surprise me.

Pickles are already amazing!

Pickle under ultraviolet light
byu/Horribledrunkgambler inmildlyinteresting

8. Well that’s beautiful.

As if we could love pineapples any more than we already do.

This is what pineapples look like when they’re flowering
byu/everyvoicelistening inmildlyinteresting

7. I bet they’re still delicious.

Especially if you’ve got some queso on hand.

My Doritos came with no seasoning
byu/Derpen97 inmildlyinteresting

6. Thanks, I hate it.

How do they pick their noses? Pop their zits? Release their anxiety??

[deleted by user]
by inDamnthatsinteresting

5. I would almost agree to have another kid if I got to give birth there.


For anyone curious, this is what a birthing suite looks like in a public Danish hospital
byu/bangtrup inmildlyinteresting

4. This is a fantastic idea.

I think it would drastically reduce road rage.

This traffic light shows how long you have to wait
by inmildlyinteresting

3. I feel like this is some kind of inside joke.

It’s definitely funny, anyway.

So we got a counterfeit $10 at work…
byu/a_girl_needs_a_name inmildlyinteresting

2. All the better to whack an intruder with.

I’m just saying.

This flashlight contains a block of concrete so it feels heavier and sturdier
byu/Trizocbs inmildlyinteresting

1. Leave it to the Germans.

No need to make a mess.

In Germany we have “puke sinks” in some public places that have events like the Oktoberfest.
byu/DaBrombaer inmildlyinteresting

Honestly, I wish there were more of these to scroll through!

Which of them surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!