The internet regularly warns us of things that we’ll never be able to “un-see,” and I feel like, for the most part, we really don’t take those warnings seriously enough.

Sometimes they’re in jest, but other times, I know I’ve wished that I would have taken the warning more seriously.

In the case of these 24 x-rays, well…there’s a little bit of both. And I guess you’ll just have to scroll to figure out which is which.

24. All those little kitties.

They’re gonna be so cute!

An X-ray of a pregnant cats belly.
byu/Poohbizzle79 inoddlyterrifying

23. Anyone who has had babies feels for this mama dog.

So many pups!

X-ray of a pregnant dog
byu/Dark_Gladiator66 inoddlyterrifying

22. Living dinosaur!

I can’t believe their teeth look like that!

What a hammerhead shark looks like under an x-ray
byu/Opulent_Pancake ininterestingasfuck

21. All birth is terrifying.

I really don’t think we need to see it in process.

A cool X-ray we took from a Frenchie in labour.
byu/maxinehelene inVetTech

20. Thanks, I hate it.

Kids really have all of those teeth in their face. Ugh.

Dental x-ray of a 7-year-old
byu/NiMiHa inoddlyterrifying

19. Oh man, eye stuff really freaks me out.

As does tooth stuff. No thanks.

MRI of what happens when you rub your eyes
byu/Boojibs inoddlyterrifying

18. That looks like it hurt.

Getting old is a real pain, y’all.

I dislocated my jaw… while eating cereal.
byu/itsskylaraiden inWellthatsucks

17. You cannot convince me this is not an alien.

Men in Black had it right.

X-ray of a pugs skull
byu/noir1717 ininterestingasfuck

16. Also an alien.

This is a super neat peek.

An X-ray of a Stingray
byu/afarro ininterestingasfuck

15. OK but snakes are really cool, though.

This one is pretty fascinating!

An X-ray of a healthy but fat snake for some feed relief
byu/Vast-Cow9597 inVetTech

14. What a trooper.

I bet getting those out is no picnic.

X-Ray Of A Pregnant Turtle.
byu/afarro ininterestingasfuck

13. It looks like some kind of prehistoric creature.

That is definitely not what they look like from the outside.

Head X-ray of my chinchilla
byu/rats4lifes inmildlyinteresting

12. The human brain is so interesting.

Why does the rest of it look transluscent?

Arteries of the brain, X-Ray
byu/onepersononeidea ininterestingasfuck

11. There’s a reason we have skin.

Perpetuation of the species and all of that.

MRI of a person talking.
byu/MarkWMohr inBeAmazed

10. It’s like some kind of super power.

Not as cool as web hands, but you know.

I have 6 toes on my left foot know as hexadactyly . Here’s the X-ray
byu/DomnLee ininterestingasfuck

9. It looks like something alive!

Maybe it is. My dog will eat literally anything.

X-ray of dog eating food
by inoddlyterrifying

8. Oh so appetizing.

Aren’t you ready for a big meal now?

X-Ray of a Human Swallowing
byu/MaximumPollution ininterestingasfuck

7. Yet somehow nothing is broken.

It will never cease to amaze.

X-Ray of a Gymnast Doing a Full Scorpion
by inDamnthatsinteresting

6. It’s like something out of a horror movie.

I bet the doctors were all sharing it with each other.

A patient experienced claustrophobia and had a panic attack during a CT scan.
byu/tomjulio inpics

5. Somehow more terrifying than even a regular bat.

They’re much cuter with their little furry faces.

X-Ray of a Flying Bat
byu/andreba inScienceNcoolThings

4. Puppy paws could never be scary.

I don’t care who you are, these are adorable.

Found on Twitter: puppy paws!
byu/HighTurtles420 inXRayPorn

3. OK but that’s still cute, though.

Because he’s a very good boi.

I didn’t know you can do a motion X-ray
byu/yeahmoo inXRayPorn

2. Back problems are no joke.

What an absolute nightmare.

Side View of a Full Spinal Fusion
byu/rosecoloredgasmask inXRayPorn

1. That just looks uncomfortable.

No wonder this is where we get the term “broody.”

X-ray of my egg bound chicken
byu/_hiddenscout ininterestingasfuck


I tried to warn you, but hopefully you’re not too traumatized.

Which of these really popped your eyeballs open wide? Let us know in the comments!