The internet regularly warns us of things that we’ll never be able to “un-see,” and I feel like, for the most part, we really don’t take those warnings seriously enough.

Sometimes they’re in jest, but other times, I know I’ve wished that I would have taken the warning more seriously.

In the case of these 24 x-rays, well…there’s a little bit of both. And I guess you’ll just have to scroll to figure out which is which.

24. All those little kitties.

They’re gonna be so cute!

An X-ray of a pregnant cats belly. from oddlyterrifying

23. Anyone who has had babies feels for this mama dog.

So many pups!

X-ray of a pregnant dog from oddlyterrifying

22. Living dinosaur!

I can’t believe their teeth look like that!

What a hammerhead shark looks like under an x-ray from interestingasfuck

21. All birth is terrifying.

I really don’t think we need to see it in process.

A cool X-ray we took from a Frenchie in labour. from VetTech

20. Thanks, I hate it.

Kids really have all of those teeth in their face. Ugh.

Dental x-ray of a 7-year-old from oddlyterrifying

19. Oh man, eye stuff really freaks me out.

As does tooth stuff. No thanks.

MRI of what happens when you rub your eyes from oddlyterrifying

18. That looks like it hurt.

Getting old is a real pain, y’all.

I dislocated my jaw… while eating cereal. from Wellthatsucks

17. You cannot convince me this is not an alien.

Men in Black had it right.

X-ray of a pugs skull from interestingasfuck

16. Also an alien.

This is a super neat peek.

An X-ray of a Stingray from interestingasfuck

15. OK but snakes are really cool, though.

This one is pretty fascinating!

An X-ray of a healthy but fat snake for some feed relief from VetTech

14. What a trooper.

I bet getting those out is no picnic.

X-Ray Of A Pregnant Turtle. from interestingasfuck

13. It looks like some kind of prehistoric creature.

That is definitely not what they look like from the outside.

Head X-ray of my chinchilla from mildlyinteresting

12. The human brain is so interesting.

Why does the rest of it look transluscent?

Arteries of the brain, X-Ray from interestingasfuck

11. There’s a reason we have skin.

Perpetuation of the species and all of that.

MRI of a person talking. from BeAmazed

10. It’s like some kind of super power.

Not as cool as web hands, but you know.

I have 6 toes on my left foot know as hexadactyly . Here’s the X-ray from interestingasfuck

9. It looks like something alive!

Maybe it is. My dog will eat literally anything.

X-ray of dog eating food from oddlyterrifying

8. Oh so appetizing.

Aren’t you ready for a big meal now?

X-Ray of a Human Swallowing from interestingasfuck

7. Yet somehow nothing is broken.

It will never cease to amaze.

X-Ray of a Gymnast Doing a Full Scorpion from Damnthatsinteresting

6. It’s like something out of a horror movie.

I bet the doctors were all sharing it with each other.

A patient experienced claustrophobia and had a panic attack during a CT scan. from pics

5. Somehow more terrifying than even a regular bat.

They’re much cuter with their little furry faces.

X-Ray of a Flying Bat from ScienceNcoolThings

4. Puppy paws could never be scary.

I don’t care who you are, these are adorable.

Found on Twitter: puppy paws! from XRayPorn

3. OK but that’s still cute, though.

Because he’s a very good boi.

I didn’t know you can do a motion X-ray from XRayPorn

2. Back problems are no joke.

What an absolute nightmare.

Side View of a Full Spinal Fusion from XRayPorn

1. That just looks uncomfortable.

No wonder this is where we get the term “broody.”

X-ray of my egg bound chicken from interestingasfuck


I tried to warn you, but hopefully you’re not too traumatized.

Which of these really popped your eyeballs open wide? Let us know in the comments!