I had a dream not too long ago that I was being chased by a mob of angry people and it was SCARY.

I woke up and I honestly thought it was real…until I realized it was all a dream.

It was kind of like a movie…

Have you ever dreamed so hard that you thought it was real?

AskReddit users shared their stories. Let’s check them out!

1. Every night.

“Every night I have hyper-realistic dreams.

Some times it’s me in a huge space ship entering a new world to colonize it. Other times it’s about ghosts crawling out of holes in the walls. Both I can tell when I wake up were dreams.

But there are some…Sweet bees are they annoying. They’re just me at work, and I move some bottles to another shelf. When I go to work the following day, I go to the shelf to get them. No bottles. It was a dream. Or I’ll have a conversation with someone and only when I reference it do I realize it was a dream.

Every night I dream so vividly. I hate it 95% of the time because I always wake up feeling exhausted, either emotionally or mentally. I even asked my doctor once if there is medication to prevent me from dreaming.

I remember dreams from years ago that pop into my head randomly like they’re memories. I wish I could sleep and not dream.”

2. Italy.

“I had what felt like a really long dream that I was living in Italy. Now, obviously it was just a dream and couldn’t have happened because I was just an average American in my early 20s at the time living in the bumf*ck country side.

But, it felt so real. I had a full-time job in my dream (can’t recall what job though) and even remember that I was invited to some party after a day of work. I had two pet dogs in my dream, one a Chihuahua and one a mix that I can’t recall. I was living alone but generally enjoying my life in Italy.

Again, it was all just a dream but it felt so frickin’ weird waking up and realizing it wasn’t all real, that I was still in my messy bedroom in my parent’s home. I had a mild panic attack when I woke up utterly confused at what the heck happened. For a brief moment, I genuinely thought that I was actually in Italy and that me being in my parent’s home was the actual dream.

It’s been years since then and I am nowhere near Italy or even have plans on going to Italy but I still think about that dream at times.”

3. So realistic.

“It happened to me when I was on cardiac medication, that cause sleeping issues as side effect. I had super realistic dream about my ex boyfriend cheating on me and bragging about it everywhere with his new girl.

When I woke up, I was genuinely sad and almost had tears in my eyes, but after a minute I realized it was just a dream. Day after that I had a dream, that I was stabbed to death by some creep I was running away from.

Or another time I woke up waving hands around my head because I thought, that wasps are attacking me. Dreams were so realistic, I was even little afraid of going to sleep.”

4. What are you doing?

“I dreamt that I had forgotten to schedule a meeting for my boss. I ran into work early the next day and sent out a meeting invite to my boss and the clients concerned.

My boss came into work and asked me what I was doing. I then explained he had asked me to set this meeting up yesterday and that he could send me the documents he needed printed.

Midway through explaining this I realized it was, in fact, a dream. He was not pleased.”

5. Bring on the meat.

“I dreamt of eating buffet of meats. I woke up with saliva coming out of my mouth like I can smell and taste the meats.

I waited till lunch got out to my favourite meat buffet restaurant just to find out it is closed because of quarantine despite of my government allows restaurants to open since they are necessity sector.

I was p*ssed off the whole day. F*ck that dream.”

6. Scary.

“I had a dream that the space shuttle blew up in one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had…two days before it happened. That made me question some things, but was probably just a stupid coincidence.

The dream was so vivid that I jumped out of bed as soon as I woke up and typed out the dream and sent it to some friends on ICQ. Two days later I woke up to phone calls and a whole cr*pload of new messages on ICQ and IRC. I eventually picked up the phone and was told to turn on CNN.

I will never forget how vivid that dream was. I was watching a space shuttle launch on TV, which was for some reason being held in Central Park in NY.. along with my family. This is when I remember the dream starting to get lucid. I looked closer at the TV and it looked more and more sharp and vivid and I ended up being pulled right into the TV, at that point being aware that I’m dreaming.

I remember sort of looking over central park from a great height, the same vantage point that I saw on TV. I slowly descended and ended up on top of a skyscraper just south of central park. It was some sort of a residential tower that doesn’t actually exist (in my dream it was very tall). I remember feeling the breeze of the wind on my skin and the sunshine on my face, as I stood on the roof of that building.

In the distance I could see the space shuttle being set to launch right from central park. I was lucid so I knew that this made no sense, but there it was.. It was so vivid.. felt so real.. if over-exaggerated in the way everything appeared. Super tall skyscrapers, an oversized space shuttle, the perfect amount of sun shining on everything, producing an epic scene right in front of me.

I remember being up on that skyscraper with a bunch of people all cheering and watching the launch. There was a countdown and the space shuttle slowly took off.. but immediately had problems, as it for whatever reason started moving off to the left… eventually there was some sort of explosion, and the space shuttle flew right into one of the skyscrapers. The skycraper started falling, and the whole scene basically changed to a dark gloomy sky, as this was all happening.

The last thing I remember is our building being hit by another one, fire, and smoke, and I woke up… jumped out of bed, ran to my computer, and typed out the most vivid dream I have ever had.

Two days later it was February 1, 2003, and Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated on reentry, as it was returning home.. A completely different scenario than the one I saw in my dream.. but I felt that tragedy in a strange way when it happened.

That was a super weird dream and I haven’t really had any like that since from what I can remember.. except for maybe some strange dreams I had when I was in New Orleans.”

7. Where are my blades?!?!

“As a kid in the 1990s I dreamed that my neighbour had a rollerblade shop in her backyard and she said I could pick out any pair I wanted!

The next morning I went out and popped my head over the fence and it was just a stupid normal backyard.

No rollerblades for me.”

8. Where’s my son?

“I once dreamed i had a son and i haf to go get him from school but I couldn’t get there in time.

When I woke up I searched the number of his mother in my phone to let her know I couldn’t get there in time.

It took a minute before I realized I don’t have a gf or a son.

I was 17 at the time.”

9. Like an action movie.

“I sometimes have super intense action dreams where a good friend and I are up against the world in some dire, overused Hollywood plot.

Conspiracy thrillers, taking down billionaires in covert missions, overthrowing a corrupt politician, it’s all there.

I know they’re not real, but it makes me feel a little more empowered when I wake up to make the coffee.”

10. Woke up in a panic.

“Had a dream a few years ago that grandma died. Woke up crying and called her. Didn’t get an answer because she was asleep.

Started freaking out and asked mom if grandma was okay. Mom laughed at me. I got a call from grandma after she had woken up and saw that I’d tried to call her.

She was perfectly fine…”

11. Are you okay?

“I killed people in my dream and stuffed their phone in their mouths.

When I woke up, I felt an intense sense of guilt and checked my room for bodies. After about a minute, I realized that was highly improbable.

And yes, I’m a dumb*ss.”

8. Work nightmares.

“I have had dreams where I am at work and they seem so real.

I actually had a work nightmare come true.

I dreamed I wouldn’t realize I was scheduled and I wouldn’t show up to work. I actually had that happen a couple years ago. I made it in after my boss said “Hey where the hell are you?'”

13. Sorry about that.

“I once broke the news to my family that our next door neighbor had died.

A couple of days later I had to explain that I was mistaken and that she is alive and well.”

14. Sounds horrible.

“I’ve gotten up, fought my way through terrible traffic to get to work on time, only for my alarm clock to go off and wake me up.

I’d like to say that there was a sense of deja vu during the drive, but there wasn’t — it was a different traffic jam I had to drive through after I woke up.

That was a rough Monday.”

15. I overslept!

“I dreamt I had overslept and not by a little bit, but by 5 hours. When I got up my brother was in my house even though he wasn’t when I went to bed and he was just chilling out drinking beer in my living room.

Which was made weirded by the fact that the living room was in its predecordated form, then I went to go to my work computer and the house changed to my old house that I grew up in so I was really disorientated trying to work out where my computer was.

It continued to be weird and stressful but when I woke up and realized it was just a dream I checked the time and I had actually overslept but thankfully only 4 minutes past the start of my shift!”

16. Awww…

“I dreamed my dog was at my brother’s house, being neglected by my brother and harassed by his little kids.

I woke up angry, *issed that I was going to have to drive in the rain to get my dog and bring him home. For probably a full minute I just lay in bed, absolutely fuming.

Then I remembered that my dog had died almost 10 years ago. It was like being punched in the gut. Not only was I sad about my dog, but I was also really disturbed and disoriented. It felt like my brain had malfunctioned.

The feeling of being disconnected from my mind… it was a scary thing.”

17. What is this place?

“I keep dreaming about meeting up with different friends and family to hang out and then we end up shopping at a store.

It’s always the same specific store, but different dreams throughout the years. And I’ve never been to a store like that in real life…”

18. Off the cliff.

“I had a dream that I fell off of a cliff, and was heading for solid ground. I had heard that you usually wake up right before you hit the ground, but not me. I hit the ground and everything went black.

I remember my eyes were closed shut, and I kept asking myself “Am I dead?”

I woke up in my bed and thought I was a ghost who didn’t move on into the afterlife, and that I was stuck in purgatory or something. Needless to say my mom was weirded out when I asked her if I was dead with a dead serious face. I still remember that years later.”

19. Drowning.

“I have a dream where I’m in a river and I’m drowning, and it’s so vivid. And I can feel the water filling my lungs and then nothing.

Not black like the colour but black like when you close your eyes in a dark room and there’s just nothing. Sometimes I hear a buzzing, or droning like I have tinnitus (I don’t), and sometimes it’s instant and sometimes it feels like hours. When I wake up, I don’t feel like I’m occupying my body, I feel like a shell. It’s really trippy in a bad bad bad way.

My mom says I almost drowned few times a really young kid, and I feel like I maybe remember, but it’s more like I remember being told that it happened than having first hand memories yknow? So sometimes I just figure these dreams are the ‘actual’ memories, like they’re unlocked. But I know that’s not how it works.

I’m so glad I never asked anyone is I was dead. I felt like it a lot, but I knew better than to ask I think. I don’t like causing a fuss.”

20. Oops.

“I was studying Rhapsody in Blue at the time, and there’s this tricky repeated-note passage near the end that I just couldn’t get. One night I dreamed that I absolutely nailed it.

Next day, I thought it was something that actually happened, went around cocky and not practicing until sometime around noon when I realized that it was a dream and I was an idiot.”

21. She’s back.

“My grandma, who had been dead for years at this point, shows up in my dreams at her house.

I even told her, “you’re dead”, but she insisted she was not.

Upon waking it was a long moment of rational thinking to remember she was gone.”

22. Back at it.

“I haven’t had a cigarette in 19 years.

Numerous times I’ve dreamt that I had one and it led to weeks, in the dream, of being a smoker again.

I’ve woken up bummed out about it but with a reluctant acceptance about it, like, “well I’m back at it, might as well BE back at it” attitude that is hard to shake.”

23. Sad.

“My fiancé died a week ago at age 33.

Every night I dream he’s alive. And every morning I look for him and have to remember he is gone and not coming home. Sometimes multiple times a day because my sleep is erratic.

It was the same for the weeks of his hospitalization.

I don’t know if I want the dreams to end or not.”

24. New addition.

“I had a dream I had a baby boy. It wasn’t a super long dream but it was so vivid and felt SO real.

Then I half woke up and frantically looked for him for longer than I care to admit before I realized I don’t have kids.

It was a weird crushing feeling, I’m not sure how to describe it but I was definitely bummed that “my son” was gone.”

25. Keeps happening.

“Last night I had a very vivid dream that I was happily married to the love of my life.

This morning I woke up and after a minute of confusion felt extraordinarily lonely.

Now that I think about it, this exact thing has happened several times in the past several years.”

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