We’ve all heard the sentiment “take time to stop and smell the roses.” It can be a hard thing to remember, especially these days when we often don’t even take the time to look up from our phones.

If you do, though, you just might see some pretty cool stuff – like these 26 things, which honestly seem too cool to be real.

26. It’s one of those microchips people are always on about.

Someone must have found theirs and dug it out.

🔥Australian Rainbow Lattice Sunstone may be a rock but its a 🔥🔥rock.
byu/Piscator629 inNatureIsFuckingLit

25. Look how they arranged them in their hand, too.

Pure artistry in the wild!

Beach Candy (Sea Rocks)
byu/feelingood41 inoddlysatisfying

24. That would be a weird thing to see from an airplane window, for sure.

It’s so rare to see interesting things up there.

Square cloud
byu/musicforthedeaf inpics

23. It’s even a perfect ombre.

I need to know how this happened.

This Shadow creating a perfect gradient.
byu/demitrybelmont inoddlysatisfying

22. A complete rainbow.

I guess there’s no pot of gold, then.

🔥 Circular rainbow I saw at work today. Heard of them being seen from planes but never from the ground. Unreal
byu/wyattgbert inNatureIsFuckingLit

21. You’re telling me this isn’t a painting?

I am stunned.

the way these clouds look like a Vincent van Gogh painting.
by inoddlysatisfying

20. Those look like delicious art.

I can’t wait for summer tomatoes!

These cherry tomatoes rippened in a perfect gradient!
byu/thehazy_daisy inoddlysatisfying

19. It just needed a wee break.

Don’t we all sometimes?

This cloud and branch
byu/JerseyKiwi inoddlysatisfying

18. Stop it.

I just love Mother Nature so much.

Found this chili with a perfect “mild to hot” gradient.
byu/petriomelony inpics

17. This is the coolest tree I’ve ever seen.

I need to know what type it is, ASAP.

These leaves in this tree
byu/sexy_balls_69 inoddlysatisfying

16. There are videos of babies being born like that.

It’s totally cool but also bizarre.

I cracked this egg but the yolk sac remained intact.
byu/Hellcat624 inmildlyinteresting

15. Life finds a way.

Dinosaur or tree.

This tiny tree growing between the sidewalk.
by inoddlysatisfying

14. It’s like an episode of Fringe.

Someone is trying to tell you something.

My raw egg has the number 5 on its yolk
byu/Mycatischill inmildlyinteresting

13. That tree is not giving up.

It’s a metaphor for life, really.

🔥 A tree with some serious will to live 🔥
byu/unnaturalorder inNatureIsFuckingLit

12. Something suspicious is going on.

I’m just saying…

Oddly satisfying
byu/poppzE inpics

11. It’s like you’ve entered the upside-down.

A little surreal for sure.

🔥 I thought this upside-down tree overcoming adversity to grow in a brick tunnel was really impressive… how about you?”
byu/diverareyouok inNatureIsFuckingLit

10. Someone explain this to me.

Any geologists in the house?

This quartz line separating two parts of the same rock
byu/gap343 inmildlyinteresting

9. I cannot believe this is real.

I would need to touch it, honestly.

First prize winning Dahlia, grown by my Dad
byu/felix_rae inoddlysatisfying

8. Same goes for this one.

It’s just too perfect.

🔥 half red half white flower
byu/lol62056 inNatureIsFuckingLit

7. It looks like something out of an alien movie.

Or Thor is about to make an appearance. Finger’s crossed on that one.

A meteor recently fell into the most active volcano (Mount Merapi) in Indonesia
byu/MGC91 inpics

6. Snowflakes are just so pretty.

They’re the best part of winter weather, for sure.

A perfect snowflake landed on me
byu/AboveTheSkies inmildlyinteresting

5. I would have been afraid there was a monster on the other end.

Seriously, don’t pull on things like that!

Loving the root we pulled out of this stormwater drain!
byu/BearEssentials_ inoddlysatisfying

4. It looks so soft and cozy.

What a huge optical illusion. Ha!

Snow on my friends hood, sliding off like a blanket
by inmildlyinteresting

3. I bet that’s worth some cash.

Or at least it gave her some seriously good juju.

🔥 a bouquet of flowers? nope. an insane cluster of amethyst crystals from Uruguay! 🌸
byu/mrsrizap inNatureIsFuckingLit

2. A bit of perfection once a day.

At least we know it’s possible.

Image Credit: Imgur

1. Some god was practicing their smiting.

It’s the only logical explanation.

Found this cracked rock that fits back together almost seamlessly
byu/catch878 inoddlysatisfying

I’m definitely going to put my phone in my back pocket and leave it there more often.

What have you seen when you’ve been paying attention? Blow our minds in the comments!