A friend of mine works in the grocery business and he’s convinced that there will be no actual human beings working in the check-out lanes in 10 years.

He says it will all be automated by then.

Will he be right? We’ll see…

What do you think won’t exist in 25 years?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Maybe…

“Cable TV.

It’s being replaced and the price will skyrocket with bundles.”

2. Don’t ever forget about it.

“WWII vets/Holocaust survivors.

Which will probably make it that much easier for deniers.

History repeats itself.”

3. That would suck.


They are endangered even though they aren’t dangerous to humans. They k**l about 10 humans per year and a majority of it is accidental.

They are smart, curious creatures that really deserve more love. They are also important for the ecosystem.”

4. They’re still around?

“Telephone books.

They’re already on the decline.

Large phone directory companies started the move to online directories decades ago, leaving the market for smaller companies.”

5. Oh, boy…

“Hopefully influencers.

They’ll convert their influencer status into being politicians in the near future.”

6. A darn shame.

“Social Security.

You better bet it’ll still be taken out of your checks though.”

7. Tragedy.

“The Great Barrier Reef.

Because the government is horrible and they love money.”

8. All this stuff.

“Paper currency, audio alarm clocks, half the amount of fossil fuel vehicles, most manned grocery stores, cable charging.”

9. You think so?

“Daylight Savings Time.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it really doesn’t serve a purpose.”

10. Oh, great…

“Democracy, social freedoms, privacy, any form of objective reasoning, affordable housing of any kind, etc.”

11. Hmmmm…

“The Rolling Stones.

I don’t think Keith Richards has been really alive for quite some time.

Just a walking guitar-playing zombie.”

12. That’s good.

“A positive one: the hole in the ozone layer.

In 1996 it was just starting to stabilize and has since become smaller than it was when we first discovered it in 1982.”

13. I hope you’re wrong.

“Ozzy Osbourne…..maybe.

I mean he’s lasted this long. So it’ll be interesting to see what takes him in the end.”

14. The King.

“I have this working theory that the singer Elvis is just starting to be culturally forgotten.

When I was younger I used to see Elvis references every now and again. He was pretty huge I guess, even though he was way before my time. Now I swear it has been years since I’ve heard or seen him referenced.

To test this theory I ask people if they ‘remember’ Elvis, and I get the total ‘ ohhh yea , Elvis’ that you might get from some obscure show from the 90’s.”

15. Uh oh…

“The Internet.

Between government takeover of transmission lines and the continued restriction of international access, not to mention increasing hacking directed at individuals, the internet will be a series of regulated, restricted connections to particular addresses and no others.

You’ll hardly notice the difference. After all, your search engine brings you the same crud no matter what you ask it to show now. Oh, did I mention the licensing fees for access?”

16. Wow.

“The United Kingdom.

Brexit Scottish independence Ireland reunification Welsh independence A wholesale collapse of the economy.

Riots in the streets. F**k it, take your pick, this nation has existed far too long in the form it’s in.

Something has to give.”

17. Probably.

“Gasoline or internal combustion engine passenger cars.

Most countries have now banned ICE cars after 2025 to 2035, which is accelerating the trend that was already there. While electric vehicles are only a few percentage of the market right now, they will be at cost parity within a few years, and after that will rapidly overtake the market.

In 2008 nobody had a smart phone, and ten years later virtually everyone did. The switch over will happen much faster then people realize.”

18. Sad!

“Paper media.

Like we chop up billions of trees and pulp and refine it to make paper and then some a**hole prints something as shitty as “The Sun” or “The Mirror” on it, would have been better off as toilet paper.”

19. We’ll see.


It’s a stupid gadget that will soon be out of fashion.

At least classic watches are classic, and they will prevail.”

20. I hope not.

“Movie theaters.

They’re already on the way out, in my opinion.”

21. Going away?

“Phone numbers.

They’ll exist in the way that IP addresses exist, in the background.

But it won’t be your primary identifier for voice or text communications.”

22. I bet you’re fun at parties.

“Dark thought…humanity itself.

We’d sooner bomb each other, mutually assured destruction or not, cause people downright despise one another by nature.”

23. Could be…


Most things will be rented/subscription based for the majority of people and you will have zero self-sufficiency or autonomy as a result.

People will likely end up buying groceries and weekly necessities on credit via after pay etc (as I type this I realise there are already lots of people who have to buy groceries on credit.)”

24. Scary to think about.


Coral Reef.


Free fresh water.”

25. I think you’re right.

“Cable/Satellite subscriptions.

Hell, we may be past streaming at that point as well. With the news this week that the NFL is looking to move Sunday Ticket off of DirectTV and onto Apple TV+ it’s just the continuation of the d**th rattle for traditional content distribution.

The biggest draw for people maintaining their subscriptions at this point has been live sports, but we’re almost to the point where we can 100% pivot to streaming and not miss a thing.”

26. That would really suck.

“Brick and mortar stores.

Malls will turn into apartment and condos full of restaurants, mini golf, hair salons, and massage parlors.”

How about you?

What do you think won’t exist in 25 years?

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