Being too hot definitely isn’t one of my problems in life.

But as easy as it is to get salty, I can absolutely see how being someone considered very good looking could come with its own host unique struggles, like the ones discussed in this Reddit thread:

People who’re considered physically attractive, what are some of the things that you feel insecure about?
by inAskReddit

Let’s get real.

1. Glasses

I’ve had a girl in highschool say I look much more attractive without my glasses.

It hurt a lot considering I need these to function in the world.

I can’t wear contacts because my eyes are sensitive to everything and I can’t get corrective surgery because they aren’t strong enough to handle the procedure.

– ryukin631

2. I don’t believe them

My looks, as I always assume people are joking Got made fun of a lot as a kid until I was about 16/17 or smth, but that’s probably where that disbelief comes from

Looks don’t work getting into a happy relationship tho

And I’m insecure about my small talk abilities 😀

– massive_sack

3. Most things

My voice.

My facial expressions.

My interactions with other people.

My hips.

The way I talk.

The way I walk.

The way I sit.

What my hair does in the wind.

I’m a mess. Just go.

– WastaSpace

4. Do they really like me?

That My partner is with me more because of looks than personality, that someone more competent than me was overlooked for My job just due to me having “the look”, basically that People go more for looks than My personality overall.

It’s a weird feeling that i just cant shake, and i h**e it.

– mrVolt

5. Personality

About my thighs, upper arms but mainly my personality.

I’m afraid to come off as too needy, or too ‘much’ in general, because I can be very enthusiastic when in love.

Maybe I hyperfocus on the person I’m love with (I have ADHD), if that’s even possible.

Either way, I don’t want to scare them, so I try to play it cool and give them plenty of space.

– Vaalermoor

6. Superficiality

i grew up ugly and became “good looking” as an adult. i think transitioning from wanting to get with women to suddenly being able to get with lots of women made me more superficial and shallow.

i fear that i’ll never really love someone properly.

or that someone will fall in love with me and as we age together, realise it was perhaps just my looks and not who i am as a person.

– -aristhotle

7. Aging

As a 25 year old, female former model: aging.

I H**E the fact that I’m getting more and more insecure about my age.

Also my lack of butt and boobs, because now that I’m not a “fashion model” the new standard of beauty is someone thick.

– ArrozConLechePlease

8. The fade

Since I was Itty bity, people around me have praised me for my beauty (I grew up in the south and was put in those creepy child beauty pageants) . As I grew older, more started complimenting my figure and youthfulness.

I’m approaching my mid thirties and while I still feel pretty, I can see how things are starting to change on my body and can see how my looks will naturally fade as I get older.

Furthermore, I’m kind of odd and often cannot relate to others in conversation about subjects I value. But since so much of my self worth has been framed through my looks, I’ve been accepted by others despite my odd personality in many instances.

So I fear that as I age and lose my physical appeal, I will become lonely as those around me no longer feel motivated to accept my mind.

– Positive_Battle_6121

9. Harassment

Being in public.

I’ve been groped, cat called, wolf whistled, followed, harassed, a**aulted, r**ed.

I’m insecure about the attention I get because of my looks and size.

I am always on high alert outside of my house, scanning rooms and listening to all things behind me

– littlelily16

10. Actual nudity

People have said that I’m attractive but I have a long list of things I would change physically.

I look fine with clothes on but naked I look the worst.

I hit a fast growth spurt and have tons of small stretch marks on random body parts.

Oh, and I have rosacea flares. That sucks.

I’m also as**ual so when people hear I get how much of a waste it is and how guys want to be the one to “fix” me.

– coffeecupcakes

11. Cultural beauty standards

I feel like I shouldn’t answer this but I guess according to Indian beauty standards some people may consider me attractive. I have large eyes and thick eyebrows, I’m slim, have a decent nose, long hair, and I’m not dark. Yeah Indian colorism sucks.

It’s just that I know this objectively, but I really don’t see it myself. I have so many acne scars (working on fading them) but I put makeup on them. Then, if at any point someone asks me “are you trying to lose weight” the answer is always yes. I wish my thighs and arms were smaller. My stomach is flat objectively but gets bloated a lot.

I feel like I have a stupid face. Idk how else to describe it but it just looks…dumb. I constantly wish to have a different face shape.

And lastly. I wish I were taller. I’m only 5’4”.

– Scarlaire

12. Being introverted

I was considered quite attractive in my 20s and never had much trouble meeting guys. But I had real trouble keeping boyfriends.

I was told more than once that I was boring.

I’m quiet and a huge introvert and am perfectly happy spending a day reading or watching movies.

But I guess that wasn’t fun for the men I liked. So as a result I was, and still am quite insecure about my personality.

– Coconut-bird

13. Accompanying assumptions

I have a feeling people automatically assume I am this insanely extroverted, confident and resourceful person.

Then I get anxious feeling that I am disappointing when I am not what they expected me to be.

So I guess the answer is I am insecure about my personality etc living up to the initial projections people place on me, giving me kind of a performance anxiety.

– Jinxjie

14. Ethnicity

People will often say “you’re attractive for an Asian guy”.

It often gives me the impression that I’m just decent enough for them to acknowledge me yet not attractive enough for them to date.

– notreallyzuko

15. Game

Yeah, people tell me I’m attractive, but I have no game and am completely hopeless with the opposite s** unless they make the first move and don’t immediately get bored with me.

– yParticle

16. Fear of cheating

When I was thin and hot , my boyfriend told me he was scared I’d cheat on him because I could “get someone better”.

He ended up cheating on me, saying he couldn’t take the pressure. I worry about that still .

Even though I’m single I have a hard time trusting someone’s loyalty

– Ornery_Pumpkin_8691

17. Being cool

How cool I actually am.

I’m a good looking guy but I’ve had a boring life in some capacities.

When the world shut down last year I found out other people had to give up a lot more fun and exciting plans than I did.

That really hit home and I’m working to change it.

– AverageSizeWayne

18. Flirting

Accidentally flirting.

When I just smile or laugh at a joke, people assume I’m just straight up flirting when I’m just trying to have a good time and not to flirt

– appleflapstealer

19. General insecurity

im extremely insecure about who i am as a person.

I’m always worried that I’m not smart enough, that i’m too weird, too mentally unstable.

The only thing I’m not insecure about it how I look but it genuinely sucks to have people interested in you for only that reason and constantly worrying if they like you for who you are as a person

– SpriteKid

20. Aging

When I was in my 20s, everybody used to make me compliments.

Now that I am in my 30s this happens way less than before.

And I know that this should not bother me too much, but it does make me insecure about myself.

– [deleted user]

21. Being shirtless

I’m insecure about my body in general despite regularly going to the gym for the past 2 years and having a decent physique. Because of that i avoid places like beaches and pools because i’d rather be dead than seen shirtless.

There are some moments when i feel proud of my body and i’ll take a cheeky pic but that’s about it.

– davidbaeriswyl

22. The gut

My legs are shredded, arms are very toned and reasonably veiny. My back is strong and while not super toned, the muscles are visible.

All of my fat is on my hips and stomach. It’s not even that much, but it’s god**mn annoying. Also my pecs are somewhat defined with a bit of fat on top.

I h**e it so much and it’s so hard to lose this last bit of fat.

– hgrad98

23. Pictures

I think I look very very ugly in pictures.

No matter how many people tell me I’m absolutely gorgeous in person and in pictures.

When I look in the mirror, I see the beautiful confident me but when I look at my pictures, I think I look ugly as s**t.

I don’t know why. But it’s always been like this.

– buttercupbubblebloss

24. Being used

F28. People just want to sleep with me but no one seems to see me as a serious option. I date quite a lot, and am often told that I’m cool or funny or hot, or that the s** is good, but that’s all I get, no one actually wants to be with me.

It feels like I’m a fun pastime for them but not lovable.

– ht_825

25. Hookups

I’m not interested in hookups. For whatever reason, most of the guys who seem to be interested in me only want s**. They usually don’t bother to get to know me. Once they learn I’m not DTF, they’re gone.

So now I’m insecure that there’s something I’m doing that repels men that want a real relationship.

– TheOtherZebra

26. Mental insecurity

So every date I’ve ever been on has started with ‘oh my god you’re so much hotter than you look in your pictures’ so I guess that counts as being physically attractive. Staged bulls**t profile photos are not my thing, and if you point a camera at me you’ll usually get the finger or a stupid face.

My mentality makes me insecure. Connecting with someone physically is a piece of p**s, but I seldom connect with people mentally. 33 years old, 2 children and a number of failed relationships has made me mentally insecure far more than any physical insecurity.

– Auren1988

27. Smell

I am insecure about the way I smell. I might be considered pretty, but I’ve never met a woman who sweats as much as me.

Also, my mouth. Are my lips chapped? Is my breath okay? I’m very self conscious about those things.

– superkickerjess

28. Getting older

I felt like I was good-looking and very physically fit when I was younger.

I am in my mid-30s now and I am self conscious about gaining weight and being less-mobile than I was.

I wear a beard to hide the weight in my face, and loose clothing to hide my dad-bod.

Having always been slender and athletic, it’s a big identity shift.

I can hear a lot of folks saying “yeah join the club” but the military & my own personal expectations made fitness a huge part of my self-worth.

The responsibilities of parenting, work, and being a supportive spouse make it harder and harder to meet those standards.

– Hot_Lynx2839

29. Weight gain

Always used to being the one with the perfect figure.

As a woman when you go though hormonal changes and your body weight fluctuates, it makes me very uncomfortable.

Also used to being the highlight of any event, (not exactly, but would gain attention and people would come to talk ), some days I am not in the mood and then I feel like I have an image to maintain. That is stressful at times.

On most days, the vivaciousness and brightness comes naturally. While other days, it is a mask of confidence.

– observer152

30. Getting flustered

I’ve been told I’m attractive by many people, and on the surface I come across very confident and sociable.

I’ll be smooth as f**k without even trying when I talk to women I just met or that I’m friends with, but in comes a girl I would like to date and watch me in real time forget how to speak english

– JkLivingston

We’re all just trying to make our way through this crazy world, pretties and uggos alike.

What’s something you feel insecure about?

Tell us in the comments.