One night stands can be interesting, whether it’s a sort of an unexpected occurrence with a friend, an intended relationship that doesn’t go anywhere, or just a “we both know what this is” kind of Tinder hookup.

But what about when it’s so accidental and unexpected that you don’t even know who you’re waking up next to?

People that have woken up in bed with a stranger, what’s your story?
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Here are some ways certain Redditors have found themselves in said situation. A few of them are not what you’d expect.

1. How?

Away at college. Went to a bar, met a girl.

I woke up the next morning in an on campus apartment sharing a recliner with said girl.

Neither of us lived on campus or knew who lived in the apartment we ended up at.

– Kastba

2. The bad boyfriend.

I used to date this really sh*tty guy. We lived together for 5 years and in that time some hella dicey sh*t happened. But this one makes the top 5.

It was a Sunday night (around 2am) I was asleep in bed when I’m woken by that feeling of someone staring at me. Assuming it’s my then boyfriend I tell him I’m trying to sleep and don’t want to have s**. Then I hear a laugh I’d never heard before.

I fly out of bed and there’s this guy sitting on the edge of my bed laughing his *ss off. I ask who he is he says “I’m Andrew [boyfriends] buddy” then he tells me how my ex told him I was a prude and would be mad if he came in our bed but he didn’t believe my ex cause [boyfriend] was so cool, why would he date a boring girl. Then he asked if I wanted some coke.

I walked out and told my ex to get rid of him and let me sleep since I worked In the morning. His reply “well now that you’re up can you take us to McDonald’s?”

– pemphaus

3. The festival.

I was around 19 years old and at a weekend festival where most people camped out in tents. I got hammered and blacked out on Saturday and woke up on an air mattress in somebody else’s tent.

I sat up to get my bearings at some point in the morning and a couple was also in the tent, but not laying on the air mattress. The guy sat up right after me and said “Buddy, I don’t know who you are, but you better get the f*ck out of here”.

I didn’t stick around to ask any questions.

– darcyville

4. False alarm.

While still living at my parents house, woke up after a clubnight.

It was still a bit dark, but I saw someone next to me in my bed. Spend 15 minutes trying to figure who this was before I decided to take a look.

Turns out it were my extra blankets I used to fill up the space between bed and wall.

Decided I needed a lot more sleep before going out of bed.

– Franknng

5. Horror movie.

When I was 11 I went to my friend’s place for a horror movie sleepover night.

I woke up with a 4 year old boy who turned out to be her little brother, clinging to all my blankets in fear. He had eavesdropped on our sleepover after pretending to go to bed early, and was now convinced a killer doll would murder him in his sleep.

Their mom made us all hot chocolate and then he slept in her bed all night.

– manlikerealitiesv

6. Pretty crowded.

Lol oh god, wish this hasn’t happened as often as it has. As a tiny female, I’m lucky to be alive.

One specifically stands out.

I was out drinking with my dad(he was in town visiting), uncle, and my brothers. Across from our table are these two guys visiting from Tennessee. At some point my uncle starts chatting with them and invites them to join our table.

One is very Matthew McConaughey like, so naturally I’m trying to be subtlety flirtatious. I drank a lot that night, to the point that I’m pretty spotty on leaving the bar. Or even the fact that my FAMILY just let me leave with these two random guys?

I woke up in their hotel room. Turns out it was 7 guys sharing the room.

And I had the entire bed to myself. They even put the comforter over me while a couple had the other bed and the rest slept on the floor. One of the dudes even went and got breakfast for us all, including me. They tried to convince me to go to the Phish concert that they were in town for, but I had to work. 🙁

– ultravioletblueberry

7. Let’s go, let’s go.

Got really d**nk in Vegas, some girl with her friends insisted on going to up to my room.

I kept telling her she didn’t have to, but she kept saying “let’s go, let’s go.” We kissed twice, then she immediately passed out in my bed, so I did the same (with all of our clothes on).

I woke up a few hours later, still in a half d**nk state having COMPLETELY forgotten about her. Looked over and my brain was like WTF? Where am I?? I quickly remembered and went back to sleep.

Woke up a few hours later and she was gone.

– dougiebgood

8. The party.

My roommate had a party.

I woke up in the morning and there was a girl who had d**nkenly snuck into my bed and fallen asleep. We woke up at pretty much the same time in the early am, both very confused.

We talked for a minute and she insisted on taking a bathroom break, borrowing some pjs and snuggling back to sleep for a while. It somehow just felt like the natural thing to do. We ended up dating for a while and the joke was that we had slept together before we met.

– Mumblerumble

9. What a rush.

Day after a rush party I woke up to an alarm that wasn’t mine.

Heard a voice to my left say “it’s 6 gotta go to work” reached over and handed her the phone and pretended to go back to bed. She was putting her shoes on by the dorm door and said “aww thank you”.

Opened my eyes and apparently after blacking out and doing the deed I put a water bottle and granola bar in her shoe for work. Dunno what happened there

– Serbian-American

10. Party hard.

I was in college, went out too hard on a Thursday night because I had no class the next day.

Woke up in my own room to a girl standing there getting dressed. I was dumbfounded, she super casually put on her jacket, said “I have to get to class” and left before I could even get a word out.

I NEVER saw her again. Tried to ask friends who I came home with, everyone said I just disappeared. Her face is burned into my mind and now, 5 years later, I have no clue what happened or who I spent the night with.

– is_this_twitter_

11. Truly frightening.

Not woke up with one but came home from primary school around 11 years of age. To find a complete stranger in my bed.

Being completely naive thinking he was a family friend. I made us both sandwiches to give to him, I returned to my room to find him gone. I now look back at this with complete horror.

My family finds it amusing that it took me years to tell my family about it.

– groovy_sarz1

12. The stroke.

Not exactly the answer to the question, but my dad told me something scary after his stroke. Because he couldn’t feel one side of his body, he would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and think a stranger had broken in and was laying next to him.

He would have to calm down and remember that he’d had a major stroke and didn’t immediately realize that the person he thought was laying next to him was he himself.

– TMdownton916

13. Just a couple of dudes.

I drank a lot and did xanax so I barely remembered the night before. I woke up naked in a bed. There was another guy in the bed, I presumed he was naked too because he didn’t have a shirt on and the blanket covered everything below. I just got up and got dressed and left, the guy didn’t even get up, I didn’t want to wake him up.

I was extremely confused and just figured that I f*cked the guy. I had never been into men and never done anything with a guy. I was honestly freaked out.

3 days later, I get a call, and its apparently the guy, saying I left my headphones there, and that he wanted to know I got home okay. He said I dropped them on the ground when I took my clothes off in the middle of the night. I was like, what do you mean, the ‘middle of the night’?

He apparently offered me a place to sleep because I was too d**nk to get on the subway, and I was fully clothed, but sometime in the middle of the night I got up and drank two shots of liquor, and then took all of my clothes off and danced in his room and asked that he record me dancing, then passed out in the bed. I became friends with him, and he sent me the video of me dancing naked in his room, and I still have that video today.

– willmaster123

14. Too hungover to argue.

Got really d**nk at a dorm party. Ended up carrying a passed out girl up to her room ( 3 flights of stairs, elevator was out). Plunked her in her bed, took her shoes off. Then passed out on her floor.

She woke me up by stepping on me and yelling at me. I was too hungover to argue and just left.

– cbelt3

15. Getting ditched.

Got really d**nk in flagstaff AZ with some tinder girls who ditched me.

Last thing I remember is being super d**nk and in and out of blacking out asking people for a ride back to my house in cottonwood (about 45 minutes away). I don’t recall ever getting a ride from anyone, but I woke up in Cornville (a half hour from flagstaff, about 15 minutes from my house) on a random bed in a trailer.

The person wasn’t in the bed with me, he was asleep on the hard linoleum floor 🙁 and all my things were nicely set up next to me.

My purse was there with everything in it, my phone was plugged in for me, and I was physically unharmed. Being a small vulnerable girl I really wanted to wake him up and thank him, but he wouldn’t budge at all. I ended up writing a note with my phone number in case he wanted me to send him an edible arrangement or something and then I started walking.

Luckily an SOS on Facebook brought my friends running to my rescue and I didn’t have to walk all the way. I probably would have sh*t my pants and died of dehydration along an Arizona highway. But all’s well that ends well.

I don’t drink anymore after that because I got sooooo lucky and I just don’t think I’ll ever get that lucky again if I keep blacking out like that. I waited for my mystery savior to text and ask for some kind of reward, but he never did. Thank you random guy from cornville!

– silver_display

16. “I was immediately terrified.”

At my brother- and sister-in-law’s in Brunswick, GA.

SiL had been subtly flirty with me all night. We all were completely sh*tfaced on red wine, and my wife passed out on the sofa; I staggered off to bed.

I awoke in the wee hours with a large, warm body fully pressed up against my back. I was immediately terrified it was SiL, and I was going to have to either make a scene or have some serious ‘splaining to do.

Turns out it was BiL’s Rottweiler. I went back to sleep.

– punksmostlydead

17. “Awesome.”

Lots of alcohol and weed at a party in a friend’s place.

I remember at some point I told people I needed to sleep and went to an empty room. The last thing I remember is this girl coming to bed and we started discussing the world’s problems. I don’t remember any other thing.

The weirdest part was morning. We woke up, saw that we were both naked. Awesome. I told her I don’t remember anything from the night, not even her name. We have a proper introduction, have s** again (because why not?), have breakfast outside, then share a taxi home (we were living close) and never saw each other again (I guess it felt weird for both of us).

– cthd_

18. “His dad does.”

When I had my son, I couldn’t sleep. I told my doctor I hadn’t slept a full night in 13 months. Most nights I was getting only an hour or two and I couldn’t sleep during the day. I’d try to nap, but I’d just stare at the ceiling.

My doctor prescribed me Ambien.

The first night I took it and went to bed. Sometime during the night, my husband brought the baby into our bed.

I woke up to find a baby covered in rainbows and tiny little gnomes.

Me: “Honey! Honey, wake up. There’s a baby in our bed.”

Husband: “I know. You’re going to wake him up.”

Me: “Do his parents know he’s here?”

Husband: “His dad does. Go to sleep.”

– -4twenty-

19. “Woke up to screaming.”

I know a guy who went home with a stranger.

Went pee in the middle of the night naked.

Went back to bed.

Woke up to screaming.

He had gone back to the wrong room and was naked in her mother’s bed.

– tedwinco

20. “Be safe now.”

Was a female in my mid 20’s and fell asleep in a 60+ man’s hotel bed after a night of drinking in restaurant across from said hotel.

What could have been a recipe for disaster turned into him saying ‘if I ever had a daughter I hope she’d be just like you. I called ya a cab and here’s your wallet. Be safe now.’

– lookslikeyourcheese

21. “He didn’t question anything.”

Probably not what you imagined.

As a kid, I would sleep walk at night. In the morning, I would have no recollection of what happened.

I spent the night at a friends house when I was about 10, and the family had a fire going in the fireplace in their living room. My friend’s mom decided to sleep on the couch to make sure the fire went out, and the dad went to sleep in the parents bedroom. Due to the door to their bedroom always being closed, I had never been inside…..

…which was very, very disorienting the next morning when I awoke in said bedroom, as the dad was just waking up and getting out of his bed. He had assumed during the night I was his son, and didn’t question anything when i slipped into bed with him.

Kudos to Dad for not making it anymore awkward than it already was.

And that’s the story of how I awoke next to my friend’s dad.

– bgetter

22. “Vivid, mundane dreams.”

Had a nice homemade dinner date with my partner at the time, watched a movie, then kissed goodnight and they went home, and I went to bed alone a little later.

Woke up around 2am and realized there was a living body next to me and almost sh*t myself. Took me a minute to figure out that date was all a dream, and it was just my partner (I have vivid, mundane dreams that are difficult to immediately distinguish from mundane reality).

We had in fact had a similar date irl that evening, but it did not end with us parting ways.

– Outdoortoast

23. “Hilarity ensued.”

In a dorm room, early September.

Roommate came home and didn’t lock the door.

Person who lived in the room the last year came in and climbed into what was now MY bed and passed out.

I woke up. Hilarity ensued. We became great friends.

– JL_Adv

24. “Hey mate can you leave?”

My family own a big farm in Queensland, Australia, and its mostly just untouched bushland but we lease the area out to a cattle producer. Since we have breeding land we have a lot of calves every couple of years and there is a feral dog population that hangs around trying to pick off the calves so I go around every few weeks or so and do a several day hunting trip just walking around. It was in the middle of a drought so I couldn’t light a fire so I just slept in a sleeping bag under a tree in an area I knew pretty well. It was a randomly cold night in summer so I was happy to get rugged up.

I woke up in the morning with my left leg feeling really tight and I tried to shimmy my pants down in the sleeping bag because I thought they were just tangled up a bit. I felt something odd so I unzipped the sleeping bag and there was a red belly black snake wrapped around my leg having a good snooze. I was so dead tired I wasn’t even freaking out, I just tapped it awake and said “hey mate can you leave?” and it released my leg and just buggered off. I should have been way more scared at the time but I was destroyed from the day before


25. “The sleep hand gesture.”

I was taking a train from Munich to Venice. It was one of those trains that the little rooms have chairs that pull out into beds.

A older Italian gentlemen came in the room and as the train took off he made the sleep hand gesture.

So I crashed out with this old dude. I woke up to him tapping me letting me know we will be in Venice after the next stop.

– lookssharp

26. “I just snuck out.”

So basically I went to sleep in my friends bed because he got on the sofa and I woke up with a girl next to me. We didn’t do anything the night before because multiple people have reported that they saw her coming into the room and just laying down next to me telling them that I was her boyfriend (which I wasn’t) and then going to sleep.

She may have confused me for her boyfriend and when I woke up I just snuck out and went home.

– retrobread_

27. “An eyepatch.”

I woke up with an eyepatch on.

It was November 1st and and I managed to pick up a cute woman who dressed up as a pirate.

I was so blackout, I charmed myself into being with someone way out of my league.

She would later tell me I couldn’t get my dick up, making her regret her decision.

Alcohol gives, alcohol takes away.

– WholeGrainMustard

28. “I offered her some corn nuts.”

Not a bed but kind of an abandoned trailer in the middle of the desert. Found shelter slept in it woke up there was another person in their.

They didn’t know I was in there either. When I stood up and looked around they were staring at me all wide eyed and clearly freaked out.

I didn’t know what to do and we just looked at each other for a little bit. I don’t know what to say so I offered her some corn nuts.

We both laughed at that and then we shortly left without asking any questions.

That’s the closest I ever got to a one night stand.

– Rubber_Fist_of_love

29. “An all-black family smiling.”

Not me but a neighbor was a member of a fraternity and they all went downtown and got completely wasted.

He doesn’t remember how he got separated from his buddies but woke up in a very soft bed not knowing where he was. He saw a large fluffy flowered bathrobe on the back of the door and put it on. He heard some voices and walked towards them. He walked into the dining room and there was an all black family smiling in relief at him. (My neighbor was a southern white guy.)

They were all eating breakfast and the father pulled out a chair right beside him and made him a heaping plate of scrambled eggs, grits, toast and bacon. My neighbor had left the bar in a d**nken state and had come upon their car and passed out in their backseat. Thankfully, all ended up ok. He kept in touch with that family for a long time afterwards!

– Throwawaybibbi

30. “Chicken Woman.”

I went to a club show with a friend. He kept talking loud to me during the show and a girl turned around and yelled at him for shouting during the music. Her and I both agreed he needed to shut up and ended up drinking heavily together.

I left my friend and went back to her place. She insisted on making us some food to sober us up a bit, so she pulled out a rotisserie chicken and heated it up. She brought the chicken into her room, but we started making out right after.

I woke up in her bed the next day and had NO idea where I was. I was Jason Bourne for 5 minutes. The girl was nowhere to be found, and I struggled to put anything together. Then I glanced over to the bedside table and saw an untouched rotisserie chicken.

I never saw her again. I don’t remember her name. She is forever enshrined as “Chicken Woman”.

– YoungstownTrash

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