I love when AskReddit articles are serious and make you think about the state of the world or like, question your humanity and stuff.

BUT, I also love when Reddit asks random questions, funny questions, and questions that let us see things from a different perspective or just laugh about how weird human beings are

These things that people say taste worse the more you eat them are definitely the second kind, and I totally love it.

1. A strange addiction.

Candy Corn.

The worst thing about candy corn is that it is simultaneously disgusting and addictive.

When I’m eating it, I can feel myself getting sicker, but I can’t stop.

2.  What.

Fish burritos.

They are pretty one note and rich so halfway through i begin to struggle.

3. It’s a tricky balance.

After Eights or Mon Chéri type chocolates.

I’m with you on the patties/thins – the mint filling gets too overpowering after a while – but those After Eight bars where the mint is the same texture as the chocolate, I could fill up on no problem.

4. I have to agree.

That’s easy. Onion Rings.

The first three and maybe four are amazing. But of course you eat them all and then your mouth feels like you’ve eaten a bucket of grease.

When I make them at home I only make 4. In a restaurant I make everyone eat their share.

5. Take it easy.


Eventually you hit your limit, and mine was 6/8ths through an Art and Science

6. Blasphemy!


Start out delicious but halfway through you’re sick of them.

I was about to say I disagree, but what I’m thinking about is fresh crepes. As an elementary school kid I liked them so much I once ate 11 or 12, maybe 13, in one sitting. And then my kiddie stomach threw a fit about being overfilled and evicted most of them. Still love crepes to this day though.

7. They eat away at your tastebuds.

Sour patch kids.

The more you eat the worse the aftertaste.

And then your mouth and tongue end up raw and you regret it so much..

But then end up doing it again next time you go to the movies.

8. I’m bitter right now.

Gorgonzola cheese. At first its not so bad, but then you start to feel the bitterness

9. One is more than enough.

fig newtons for some reason.

1-4 are fine but after that they start tasting gross. then there’s my friend who loves fig newtons but faints at the sight of chips ahoy.

That’s why after the first sleeve you jump over the to strawberry newtons. Those things are firing on all 8.

10. Never regret pizza.

Costco pizza.

The first bite is amazing. Hot, greasy, cheesy goodness.

I pat myself on the back for getting a cheap easy “treat yo’ self” dinner. At the middle of the slice I’m regretting buying it, but I’ve had worse.

By the end I feel so disgusting and can’t believe I not only willingly ate that, but finished the goddamn thing.

I hate myself for it all the more.

11. Happens to the best of us.

Flavored vodka.

A revelation when you’re a teenager.

Undrinkable after a few experiences.

12. It is kind of oily.

Not eat, drink: Gatorade and suchlike.

It’s designed to taste better the thirstier you are.

Therefore, as you drink it, you’re less thirsty, and it tastes worse.

13. Who even eats those?

Those big chocolate rabbits they sell for Easter.

14. They get the job done.

Dried apricots.

Taste delicious, but the more you eat them, the more certain you will be that your stomach will hate you for this.

Any other dried fruit, too, except maybe boring things like apples. Dried fruit makes it easy to eat way more sugar and fiber than you would eat of fresh fruit.

15. Hard to explain.

Circus Peanuts!

The first few are heaven and then your jaw starts to tire, then they start to taste like chemicals.

I’m not even sure how to explain it…

16. It’s a weird sensation.

Pineapple, burns your mouth.

Pineapples contain bromelain, an enzyme that digests protein and tenderizes meat.

So when you eat pineapple, it eats you back.

17. Totally overrated.

White chocolate. A little is great, but having more than that leads slowly but surely towards nausea-ville.

For dark there are different recipes, some brands are less bitter, some are more, even for same % of cocoa.

I eat different chocolate differently. Milk chocolate I can just chew and eat in large amounts, dark I take in small pieces and let melt in my mouth savoring it slowly, white I can eat a few pieces but tire of if too much.

And ofcourse, for chocolate in general Belgian/Swiss brands rules, UK brands are average, US is weird and sometimes have a strange aftertaste.

18. Your insides feel slick.

Greasy foods.

So damn delicious when hungry but it gets to a point where you’re not exactly full but you just want to stop cause you’re sick of the greasiness.

19. Slow down.

I wouldn’t necessarily say “tastes worse” but cereal becomes increasingly painful the more you eat.

Like, I get high and want to eat an entire box of honey-nut cheerios but after bowl #3 the roof of my mouth is telling me to call 911.

20. They almost hurt your teeth.

To me the first bites of sweet foods taste amazing but the more I have the less enjoyable they become.

The older I get the more I enjoy eating less of something sweet, like chocolate or candy. 3 pieces and I’m satisfied.

As a kid I could eat a whole pack or box of stuff.

21. The ultimate example.

I feel like Doritos are the ultimate use case here. Like, I can’t stop eating them, but after a certain point, they just start tasting like shit and making me kinda sick.

Not that I stop at that point, no. I don’t stop until I’ve eaten enough to burp Doritos for at least 48 hours.

22. Not the best day.

Prep solution for a colonoscopy.

Foulest stuff I’ve ever drank in my life. The only thing I’ve ever had that made me start dry heaving at the thought of having to drink more.

Lemon lime flavor?!?! Sure….

23. A limit to bacon.

Really salty bacon, it’s good at first but the more you eat it the more you taste the acrid sodium numbing your taste buds.

A few years back my friend and I got toasted and went to an all-you-can-eat buffet place, and that was the day I learned there is a limit to how much bacon my body can handle.

24. The Devil’s treat.

Marshmallows, including Peeps.

The first one doesn’t taste too bad. The second is so sweet it’s sickening.

25. Cotton candy anything.

Cotton candy bang energy.

I work with a guy who goes nuts every time he sees a vending machine with bang and if it’s got cotton candy or rainbow unicorn he’s jumping up and down with glee.

26. That’s one way to describe it.

Fudge. Eventually your throat will physically roll at the thought of eating more.

That’s why it’s usually served in such small pieces. It’s not meant to be eaten in more than a few bites!

27. You have to know when to stop.

Sour candy like Sour Patch Kids. Irritated the fuck out of my tongue when I ate a bunch while high and had multiple enflamed taste buds for a week.

28. I have to disagree.

Doughnuts start off the best thing I have ever stuffed in my face, but then quickly degrade into “wtf am I doing with my life” after only 2 or 3.

It’s so sad because they continue to taste amazing – you just physically can’t eat any more.

29. Don’t cross the line.

Oreos. You never know where the line is til you cross it. I found the line with the help of Mega Stuff Oreos.

I can hardly handle the white stuff in a regular Oreo, I don’t know why. I am no stranger to sweet things, but something about the oreo just doesn’t sit well in my stomach. Love the cookie though.

30. Instant regret.

I’m that way with McDonald’s.

It’s delicious when I haven’t eaten anything all day, but sometimes when I’m eating I’m like “what the heck am I putting in my mouth this gross.”

Described my McDonalds experience perfectly. I usually go a few months in between, so I’ll build it up’ in my head.

I order way too much food and after a few bites I instantly regret my decision.

31. Mean fruit.

Kiwis, eventually they start eating you and your mouth gets this horrible stinging that water can’t wash away and you just sorta gotta suffer for loving kiwis.

I ate them until my tongue literally began to bleed once when I was a kid.

32. Lesson not learned.

About once every 5 or so years, I’ll somehow end up eating Long John Silvers, and it goes the same way every time.

1st bite, “hey, this isn’t as bad as I remember. Pretty good actually.”

2nd bite, “hmm, actually it’s not that good, but it’s ok I guess.”

3rd bite, “o yea, now I remember why I never this trash.”

I never learn my lesson…

33. Totally destroyed.


That gum is not worth how raw your mouth feels afterwards.

I mean, I don’t know if I agree with most of these, but I do love the chat.

What would you put on this list? Tell us what and why in the comments!