You know that terrible feeling you get when you’re researching something and suddenly you know something you never wanted to and wish you didn’t?

That’s the sort of moment these folks had when they learned these particular facts, so if you’re going to read through the rest of this thread, you’d better make sure you’re good and ready.

1. That’s a horror movie waiting to happen.

There are some species of butterfly that look for human blood to suck.

2. He never said a word.

My dad and I both took DNA tests for “fun” and I found out we aren’t related. 0% match.

I found out when I was 45. Long story long, I took a test for fun. My mom had taken one years ago so I knew what her general contribution would be. I got my results which were heavy on the indigenous American and Spain…. not in my moms dna.

I told my folks (married as long as I’ve been alive) and my dad wanted to test. He’s older, not tech savvy so I handled it for him. He came back a 0% match to me. I never told either of them about the non match, I just kind of let it go hoping they’d forget about the test

It’s a total mind f*ck when you had zero inkling there was any funny business. I hope you have better luck with the biological fathers family than I did. I was flat out rejected. ?❤️❤️
I do [have a Mexican] great grandfather. I have found a lot of that part of the family and now keep in touch with several first and second cousins.

I had posted on an AncestryDNA sub regarding my NPE (non parental event aka figured out the man who raised me is not my biological father.) A college student took my case on for free and helped me over the course of a couple years to narrow it down to one of two brothers but they are not cooperative at all. ?

3. I knew there was a reason I didn’t own horses.

that you have to clean lumps out from underneath a horse’s foreskin from time to time.

They’re called beans. They’re an accumulation of smegma that gets trapped right in front/above of the urethra opening. They can cause mild discomfort or extreme pain and urinary problems if not cleaned out.

My horses get them removed during their annual teeth float or some other veterinary act that uses sedation. Some horses have to have them removed more often.

4.  I feel like it wasn’t the corn that gave her away.

There was a woman in the 18th century called Mary Toft who stuffed d**d rabbits into her vagina and later acted as if she gave birth to them. The doctors believed her till one of them examined found corn in one of the rabbits stomachs (it couldn’t have been in there)

She also did the same with a hogs bladder and a cats legs. (also with about 15 rabbits) Don’t know why I even know this

5.  I hope you get consent first.

An octopus pen*s is actually one of their tentacles. So if you would go and pet an octopus at Sea World or some other place you could be groping their pen*s.

6. Don’t click on this unless you’re ready.

Sooner or later we’re going to be hit by another geomagnetic storm like the Carrington Event of 1859.

Only this time, our dependence on technology could make the effects far worse.

7. I wish I hadn’t read this, either.

The youngest recorded person to give birth was 5 years old.

Her mom said the daughter started getting periods at age 3! The dad was arrested under suspicion that he was the rapist, but they couldn’t prove it so they let him go and never found out who it was.

Her son grew up thinking they were brother and sister, but he was told at age 10 that his sister was actually his mom. So wild.

8. Well that’s terribly sad.

Bob Ross actually h**ed his Afro; when he started out it was the cheapest hairstyle to maintain and once he picked up some traction it was too iconic to get rid of.

9. I have no idea what’s wrong with people.

That people dump their “old” dogs at the shelter in December and get a new puppy for Christmas.

10. One more horrible piece of the puzzle.

More people jumped from the burning World Trade Center on 9/11 than you think.

Do yourself a favor and don’t google it.

Watching 9/11 on tv, I was too young to know what was going on but I remember my dad crying and saying “they’re jumping, they’re jumping” over and over.

11. Was he wrong? Questions!

That my father d**d believing that i was not his child. When my mother told me, it broke my heart and has forever changed my relationship with my family.

12. You have to put it out of your mind.

The magnitude of how dirty hotel rooms are.

The worst part of this for me is that I worked in housekeeping at a hotel one summer when I was in high school.

Maybe that particular hotel was just really good at keeping the place clean and was an exception, but I do have to wonder how much c**p I just never noticed because I was a dumb teenager.

13. To aid in childbirth, no less.

Chainsaws were originally meant to be a surgeons’ instrument.

14. No parent wants to think about that.

Something along the lines of:

“If a child is kidnapped and isn’t recovered within 4 hours there’s an 80% chance they’re already k**led”

15. That poor man.

Actor Daniel von Bargen (Super Troopers, Seinfeld) attempted suicide by shooting himself in the temple with a .38 revolver. He was diabetic and didn’t want to go to the hospital for another amputation.

Unfortunately he survived and was severely wounded. He also was permanently blinded from the gun shot. There’s a transcript of the police call that left me shook. He passed away 3 years later from a battle with diabetes.

I remember reading this is why some people duct tape the gun to their hand if they attempt suicide in case the first shot doesn’t complete the job.

16. Always respect the pig.

From personal experience; just how fast pigs… process… a corpse

Had an old goat d** in the barn and didn’t find her for a couple hours. At the time we had two pigs that were a few months old. Didn’t realize just how much we had f*cked up by letting them be in with the goats that day.

Come evening, we go to close up and do the evening chores, and find half of a goat spilled all over the floor with our pigs rooting around the guts.

And that’s the story of how fifteen year old me learned to respect pigs.

17. Never fails to give me chills.

The Challenger space shuttle astronauts were most likely alive and awake on the way down.

NASA’s lead investigator, Robert Overmyer concluded most if not all of the crew were alive and possibly conscious during the entire descent until impact with the ocean. After the investigation, Overmyer stated:

“I not only flew with [Commander] Dick Scobee, we owned a plane together, and I know Scob did everything he could to save his crew. Scob fought for any and every edge to survive. He flew that ship without wings all the way down.”

18. Why the water on your nightstand tastes weird in the morning.

The existence of dust mites.

19. It almost sounds nice when you put it that way.

Sorta cliche, but there are millions and billions of living organisms on your body, so to them, you are their galaxy.

20. Only months?

That anesthesia doesn’t always works.

My colleague donated one of his kidneys to his brother and he experienced the entire operation without being able to move or scream.

Pain and all.

Took many months of therapy moving on from this.

21. Listen to the person and don’t look it up. Just don’t.

The d**th of Junko Furuta.

She was put through absolute hell that no human should ever experience.

I am serious when I say, look up the details at your own risk.

It’s so devastating that you’ll, most likely, never forget it.

22. Science is confusing.

The very first sentence spoken to us when we started A-Level physics was “Everything you have been taught at GCSE is wrong”.

It was then proven to us by disproving the GCSE notion that light cannot travel around corners with the Youngs fringes experiment.

23. Maybe not popular, but common.

More people have tapeworms than dogs.

That makes them the most popular pet.

24. A not-so-happy family.

That my mom never really wanted to marry my dad, was still in love with her college sweetheart, was unhappy in the entire marriage, and still had two kids with him, even if my dad didn’t want a second kid.

I love my little brother, but if your partner doesn’t want a kid and you stop using birth control so you can have one anyways, that’s F’d up.

25. We all need to know this.

Your child is more likely to be abused by someone you know than a stranger.

You literally have to protect children more from their own family and friends than random criminals.

26. Dolphins are freaks.

It’s widely believed that male dolphins will commit infanticide.

They will k**l babies to “free up” the mother to mate with them.

Female dolphins are actually quite promiscuous in order to combat this.

The females will mate with as many males around her as possible, that way when her baby is born the male dolphins aren’t sure if the kid is theirs or not.

That way, it insures the baby dolphins safety since male dolphins won’t k**l it if it MIGHT be their kin.

Basically dolphins are the ultimate Maury show contestant, never knowing who the baby daddy is.

27. This should surprise no one.

Furbys eyes are in the front, which would make them a predator.

29. Well I obviously need to know more.

Someone tried and failed to save Abraham Lincoln — and his life just got worse from there.

30. How is this real?

Maybe it’s well known, but the song “I Don’t Like Mondays” is based on a horrific story.

A teenage girl named Brenda Spencer lived across the street from an elementary school.

One day there were a bunch of kids outside the gate waiting to be let in and she just started shooting at them.

None of the kids were k**led, but two school employees were (the principal and a janitor, I believe, but I don’t remember for sure.)

Afterwards she went back home to wait for the police, and she called up a radio station to tell them what she did. When they asked her why, her answer was “I just don’t like mondays.”

31. I guess because they can?

Horses masturbated by hitting their 1m long dong against their bellies.

Female horses rub against wooden polls, and end up with splinters 10cm long in their coochie.

32. I literally just gasped.

The voice actress for ducky from land before time being m**dered by her own dad.

33. In so many words.

Dying from starvation is because your body exhausted all of its resources to feed your brain and then finally as a last resort it taps into digesting the muscles around vital organs in order to get the ketones your brain needs until there’s only one muscle left… Your heart.

So technically you d** because you ate your own heart….

Not a scientifically accurate explanation.

Closer to ELI5, but yeh…. Could’ve gone a lifetime without knowing that

I don’t think I was ready, y’all. Ugh. I am smarter now but more horrified and also a bit sad.

What fact did this to you? We might as well keep this not-party going in the comments!