If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my obsession true crime, it’s that we can never truly know other people. Everyone has secrets, and some of them will only come out if people feel like sharing them.

These people have some secrets of their own, and they fear what could happen or what others might think if they learn these truths after their deaths.

1. Aw, how about therapy?

How completely dependent my wife was on me and how her complacency towards the toxic people in her life has cost her at least a decade and counting of a fulfilling life.

2. It’s not too late to change that.

That my life had no significant impact on this planet or society and I wasted 27 years of my life for nothing…

3. A fly on the wall.

Not something I’m afraid of, but I’d love to see my friends faces as they go through my stuff and see i saved all my old drawings of dragon ball z OCs, original mobile suit designs, and alter ego super hero identities i made for all of them.

I think that’d be one good last laugh before my ghost fades away to the hereafter.

4. If it sparks joy you have to keep it.

My life size danny de vito s*x doll

5. If he could choose.

Every letters I have written when I was sad, I only write those when I’m sad as a way to exteriose it. I’ve read some from years ago and made myself cry because how much I was hurting.

I don’t want people to think that I’ve had a miserable life, because I haven’t. Ironically, I’d rather they find this Reddit account, because I do like engaging with the community and I always try to be a positive influence

6. Is there a written record?

How many times I’ve s*%t my pants as an adult.

7. She’s definitely come alive.

A paper cutout of a voluptuous lady that I stashed somewhere in my house but couldn’t find for the life of me.

It has been 5 years and no luck yet.

8. For the children.

I’ve been hiding it from a lot of people that I’m actually just a hive mind of rats in a large trench coat impersonating someone. It’s getting harder and harder to keep the charade up each day but goddammit I have to keep going. For them. For my children and the family I love.

I will remain here for you, a massive blob of rats- but your father, nonetheless.

9. Destroy your Reddit password.

That I commented on sh*%posts.

10. The truth is out there.

That I was never human in the first place…

x-files music

11. Temptation for days.

my collection of huge d**dos

It gives me anxiety that if i die before my parents they’ll have to discover that their son has over 15 gigantic dildos, so I gave a trusted friend an extra key to my place and told him about the box under my bed and should I ever die unexpectedly to destroy the contents of that box.

12. It made him happy.

The amount of total hours i have in my steam account

they ill say something like “mf spent 1/5 of his life playing, why do we even care”

it’s kinda silly, but yeah

13. Write down your passwords.

I fear one day people will discover my fanfictions on wattpad.. I could never find the password for it and i couldn’t log back in..

Edit: Lol thank you so much for the comments. I wrote fanfics on wattpad when I was 13. I still write but it’s much better. I wish I could tell myself that whatever I put out on the internet is going to be out there forever. Also WRITE DOWN YOUR GOSH DARN PASSWORDS

14. Burn them.

I’m worried someone will find a collection of writing I did when I was going through an awful break up and was too stubborn to speak to anyone so constantly put on a brave face and silently cried out over these letters.

I know where they are but I can’t build up the courage to pull them out, relive the words and disgusts of them forever. It does worry me they will find them clearing out my stuff and be upset I ever felt that low.

15. You can get rid of that every so often.

My search history.

I can’t wait to see what some elections are going to look like in the next 15 to 20 years. You know people are gonna try and dig up their opponent’s internet history to see what kind of f**ked up p0rn they watched when they were 20 years old and air that s**t out like dirty laundry. It’s gonna be an absolute sh**show, way more than it already is.

16. I hope they listened.

I seriously heard about a girl that had labeled her box full of toys: please throw away without opening. You don’t want to see this. For her family in case she died and they had to clean her stuff.

17. Well that’s awkward.

I found my friend’s penis pump and he was right there. lol.

18. Make sure to die with your clothes on.

Small pp.

19. Just a little too late.

A cure for what killed me.

Type 1 diabetic here and every year feels closer to a cure and yet further from it being able to help me.

20. Embrace your inner nerd.

My Warhammer, got back into it during lockdown and didn’t tell my girlfriend.

It’s the one super nerdy thing that I do that I’m actually a little embarrassed about lol.

21. I mean, why worry?

Doesn’t matter, I’ll be dead.

22. What a plan.

The password to “End of the World Files” which is a folder that just contains porn, backed up in all my devices, if the world goes to s**t and I still have my phone, I better bust out the last one before nuclear death

23. Have a party and burn those babies.

All my journals.

They might find my plans to become the totalitarian dictator of the world or open my own fromagerie.

24. A dirty little secret.

That i’m secretly in love with Taylor Swift . I am happily married father of five …. And a metalhead ?

25. Aren’t we all?

That I’m actually two children in a trench coat.

26. Rest in peace.

My 1TB HD Hentai Collection.

I misplaced that Hard Drive. If I dont find it Out Before my death and Destroy it, I can’t REST IN PEACE.

27. You can’t trust anyone.

My personal diary.

My mom asked my dad not to read her journals. He didn’t respect her wishes and gave me one of them after she died.

It was weird to read. A few of things that stood out to me: “at least my marriage has good s^x” and “a good day is when I’m not constantly thinking about suicide.”

I appreciate getting more insight into who she was and the struggles she went through but when I read that as a teen I didn’t know what to think.

Moral of the story, don’t trust your spouse to burn before reading

28. That’s depressing.

When no one shows up to my funeral, and they realize I actually had no friends or people that care.

29. That you’re boring.

I’m afraid they have nothing to discover.

30. At least you don’t have to clean it up.

Me, face down, with a pair of pants absolutely FILLED with poops

31. It runs in the family.

How much of a filthy s*x fiend I was.

I was tasked with clearing my granddads browsing history after he died. I knew he was a dirty ol man, but god d**n.

Anyway, his secrets die with me.

32. There’s still time to change that.

How absolutely miserable I’ve been in my life. All the pain ive carried with me through the years. I’ve been good at keeping up with social activities, work, relationships, etc. and seeming happy. but it would break my moms heart to know how long I’ve suffered.

33. They might think less of you.

This right here. I feel like I live a good and healthy life. I spend my career helping others and I always try to be kind to all people.

I always think of people at my funeral and hope they’d say awesome things but I mostly just worry about whoever gets to go through my phone and see how much porn I have saved.

Its nothing too awful but I worry that others my think less of me since most people I know are more reserved with that kind of thing.

I’ve got a pact with my best friend to destroy all of my electronic devices if something happens to me. You?

What are you worried people might learn after your death? We swear what’s said in the comments stays in the comments!