When we know things are going to be a lot of work, we know it’ll be worth it in the end, blah blah blah, and so we dive right in.

We get offended, I think, when we’re not expecting a big to-do but a project or task turns out to be a whole pile of work when we were expecting a tiny speck.

Here are a bunch of things you might want to prepare for because they’re probably going to be far more trouble than you think at the start.

1. No pain no gain.

Starting a serious exercise routine.

Like you’re giving your body literally what it needs to be healthy and it pays you leaving you semi crippled for weeks.

2. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Falling asleep.

Staying asleep.

3. It’s the whole realtor thing.

I might be wrong, but I don’t feel like buying a house should be all that complicated.

We’ve just started the process of looking and I already feel overwhelmed.

4. Easy peel stickers exist. Use them!

Peeling stickers, why can’t they just come off smoothly?

5. Reality check, please.

Entry level job applications

Currently have a great job in IT.

But 8 years experience in my field and when I see the job postings for lower tier people than I am they ask for more than I know.

It’s crazy.

6. Maybe they’re paid by the hour.


And when you call someone that works there to help understand better, they act like all of this legal jargon should just be common sense and you’re an idiot for not knowing.

7. They do that on purpose.

Getting unwanted apps off my phone.

Disabling OneDrive on Windows 10.

I don’t want it on. It’s full, all it does is bi*ch about being full, and make it where when I click on my images in my regular folder, I can’t see their icons.

8. Kindergarten fail.

Cutting in a straight line with scissors.

I’m 21 and still somehow fail to do this.

9. It makes me want to cry.

Getting out of bed in the morning.

Trying to find a good reason is just too hard.

10. Without being rude.

Ending a conversation just because you don’t feel like socializing anymore.

All I do is when I want the conversation to end, I wait for d**d air and say, “Well, I’ll let you be”

Works almost every time! Try it!

11. You can be a hero.

Clearing a jam from the office copy machine.

12. And we dearly want it to be simple.

Installing a printer.

I don’t want your 15 other garbage apps, HP.

I just want to print my essay.

13. Use those muscles.

Opening that one jar that even the strong friend can’t open.

I just wanted some jam.

14. Not talking to a human!

Canceling any type of subscription.

My family got a roku and we cancelled Dish and they went crazy.

My mom called to cancel and they begged and offered to cut the price in half for a year.

45 minute phone call just to say i don’t want the subscription anymore.

15. You can feel this in your soul.

Finding motivation,

16. It’s no easy feat.

K**ling mosquitos.

F*cking annoying pieces of h%ll.

17. Amen to that.

losing weight.

it feels like it goes on fast and takes blood sweat and tears to come off.

18. You attach your resume and then have to enter your work history WHY.

Applying for jobs having to type out your resume 2 times and submit your formal resume and then doing this over and over for every job you apply for.

Please upload your cv. Okay now please get to the next page where you copy paste directly from the cv. Now fill in in this section on why you’re excited by the prospect of working here. So now you’ve been selected for a phone interview, tell us everything in your cv. Great phone interview so now you have an in person interview but we haven’t read anything in your application, so why don’t you explain your cv in great detail for us.

Dude, it’s two pages, font size 12 with double spacing, I spent 6 hours writing the d**n thing, please take 2 minutes to read it.

19. Sometimes you just don’t want to be there anymore.

Leaving a party/social gathering. I wish it wasn’t considered rude to just f**king leave.

20. How did you think it such a hardship 10 minutes before?

And getting out of the shower after it took you so long to get in.

21. Delayed gratification is hard.

Saving up to retire.

22. It’s depressing because it’s true.

getting mental health treatment without having to fight everyone on the way in a test of your determination.

Last year I was having a really difficult time with some family stuff. I currently live in the southeastern United States.

Trying to find a psychologist that would even call me back was impossible. I seriously hope this is a unique problem that no one ever has to deal with.

23. It really is the little things.

When the d**n seatbelt keeps getting stuck while you’re trying to put it on! You be raging in your car before you’ve left your driveway.

24. All about who you know.

Looking for a job when you have no connections.

I’d like to add applying for jobs specifically. So tired of all these Indeed postings trying to make me take a mini exam to prove I’m worthy of applying

25. This makes me angry.

Getting your tubes tied without having already had at least 2 children.

My wife and I aren’t having kids and she doesn’t want to worry about it, but NO doctor will even consider it, and we’re both in our 30s.

26. It’s no picnic.


I dream of not having the sometimes unbearable pain and all this f**king blood to clean up every time.

I once passed out because of that, I was unable to call anyone to get me paink**lers.

27. They must be from the Midwest.

Leaving a restaurant with my family.

OK, meal is over, let’s say our goodbyes and head out.

OK, standing next to the table, let’s say our goodbyes and head out.

OK, just outside the front door, let’s say our goodbyes and head out.

OK, made it to the parking lot, let’s say our goodbyes and head out.

FFS, just say bye and walk away!

Why is this so hard!

28. I feel this one in my bones.


On year 4 of doing them myself.

I’m either doing it right or should be expecting a call from the IRS some time in the future.

29. Comfort is key after the year we’ve had.

Figuring out what to wear to work that will be both comfortable and not look bad/sloppy.

30. A circle that leads to nowhere.

Getting a job with no experience.

31. And then having to express them. Ugh.

emotions honestly.

like what the f*ck dude how can something i cant even see make me feel the way they make you feel

32. It’s harder to find things in common.

Making friends as an adult.

Young kids don’t really have the forward thinking or mental blocks that plague adults.

Kids are pretty carefree and are unaware of a lot of things.

When you don’t have these mental blocks or that voice inside of your head, it’s pretty easy to meet and make friends.

Think of it as a weird “ignorance is bliss”.

33. Who is telling the truth?

Knowing what a proper diet and exercise routine is, everyone’s out there trying to monetize it and it seems like everything either beginner or advanced nothing in between.

34. See also: breastfeeding.


Literally every human that comes into this world requires either 1) that their mother endure hours of unimaginable pain before literally ripping apart her genitals to allow this new human life an entrance into the world or 2) that their mother allow a group of strangers to slice through her abdominal muscles into her uterus to extract a baby, before then undergoing many weeks of pain and physical recovery from the trauma of major surgery.

Wow, if some of these aren’t so true.

What else would you add to this list? Tell us down in the comments!