Most of us have fallen into the trap of imagining ourselves winning the lottery at one time or another, even if we don’t even play the lottery regularly…

What would you buy with a bunch of cash? What would be your splurge, and how would your life change?

These people are doing just that, but they’re specifically ruminating on what “useless” purchase would be their first.

1. I’m too old for this one.

Life size bronze statue of All Might from MHA for the front of my home. As an FYI.

MHA is an abbreviation for My Hero Academia which is an animated show.

All Might is a pretty important character in the show with an incredibly huge physique.

Weeb refers to people very into these kinds of animated shows referred to as anime.

Hope this helped. I’ll be in your shoes in a few years. It’s already slowly happening.

2. I kind of want one

It’s a watch that shows planets orbits in real time. $234,000. I don’t even think it tells the time of day.

Ok it does, just in a 24 hour/military format so it revolves just once instead of twice for am pm.

3. It’s kind of a hard question.

Maybe a jet ski, probably a high end motorcycle. This was a harder question than you might think.

4. Seems like they’re holding back.

$10,000 in Kindle books.

At least.

5. Find them and buy them.

About ten years ago I went to this gallery. there are two pieces I’d like to find again. One was a wall to ceiling painting of a mountain scene. Incredibly detailed. Every time I looked at it I saw a new bird or deer. Just stunning.

The other was a massive statue of a stork. Imagine the skyrim dragon, but this long necked bird instead. Would love to have that in an entryway. But that gallery has been closed a long time.

The pictures I took are gone. It would cost just as much to find them as to buy them I’m sure.

6. Platypus over pandas.

If it is a big lottery, I would pay to have our zoo get platypus. The San Diego zoo has some.

Much cooler than pandas.

All panda’s are the property of China and if you want one at your zoo it will run you a million a year.

7. This is a great idea.

A massage every day….not a rub-n-tug, but a proper massage.

8. This would be very cool.

I would create a cooling room in my house for a computer setup. I would use it to stream hours and hours of games that I can play, and I’d definitely do flight simulation.

I’m blind, but there are many blind people who do flight simulation nowadays.

9. Now I want this, too.

Telescope. It’s on the top of my ultimate life wish list and would be super cool to actually own one.

With enough lotto money you could build your own planetarium.

10. It’s nice to dream.

I would get into falconry, vintage guitars from the 50s and 60s, a live in Cook, most of the surfaces that I touch would be marble, and I would save a significant portion of my money to split between investments and gambling on riskier stocks.

Depending on how much money a private jet would be in the cards as well as a flight license. This is one of my favorite things to daydream about

11. That will keep you busy.

Cars…. Lots of broken cars…

12. All of the designers.

Heelys but absolutely pimped out, gold plated, diamonds embedded, underglow, eff it make it gucci too.

13. He can’t even play it.

Contrabass trombone. No real use, I just want a slide tuba.

14. Keep the streak alive.

A lottery Ticket?

i actually love the scratch off lottery tickets, i don’t even care about the prize i just like the process

15. They deserve it.

A big island for stray dogs.

16. They’re not just for the Japanese, my friends.

One of those Japanese toilet seats that sprays your bum.

Not technically useless and they are a game changer and aren’t that expensive. I’ve now installed 4 in family members‘ houses and they all love them.

17. A talking toilet.

I have always wanted a talking toilet.

I don’t even know why at this point. I just saw it on a TV show, don’t even remember what, and since that day I have thought “yes, I want this”.

But right now, with my paupers wage, I cannot afford such a thing.

I have a lot of serious plans for lottery level money. I would open a shelter for homeless people and start my own dog shelter. As well as my own theme park.

But I would still get a talking toilet.

18. Sure, why not.

Does paying off my student loans count? Cause my degree turned out to be pretty useless.

What’s the difference between a pizza and an English degree?

The pizza can feed a family of four.

19. Definitely sounds nice.

I would buy a house with a lazy River in the backyard. Just float along all day.

I hated the city, but when I went to Atlantis in Dubai we found out the whole park is just one massive lazy river. You get in your tube and roll down the river and every ~50 feet there’s an automatic ramp to take you up to the next slide. You never leave your tube, and you can pick and choose which slides you want to take and which ones you just want to pass.

The best water park I’ve ever been to by far.

20. Laundry is for suckers.

Im immediately buying custom tailored clothes maybe 21 outfits to last me three weeks.

Ten dark black turtlenecks, and ten slightly darker black turtlenecks

21. Like, the biggest one.

One of those great big amethyst geodes you see at gem shows. Always wanted one of those…

I saw a coffee table at a gem show where the top was a giant amethyst geode slice, I would buy that. It looked so cool!

22. That sounds like an investment to me.

Giant Glass Dolphin that blows vodka out of its blowhole.

23. Maybe there’s a golden ticket.

I just won $5, so I’m getting a candy bar.

tbh candy bars are pretty useless, but dang I love their one good use.

24. You can do whatever you want.

Wall sized aquarium for my house. I’d love to keep sharks and whales but it would be unrealistic and stressful for them, so I’d settle with colourful fish.

So clearly the answer is to build a subaqueous house on an island in the ocean with a large glass wall and an artificial reef right outside. Ethical sharks and colorful fish, perfect for all your lottery winning spending.

25. I just want someone to massage my scalp.

Getting my hair deep washed every week.

My husbands grandma did that weekly and tbh it sounds nice.

I have always told my husband if I had more money than sense, someone else would brush and wash my hair for me!

26. He’s really thought this through.

I want a cold water dispenser on my desk. It has to be connected to the water line, filtered and cooled. Ideally it also has that thing that automatically knows when the container is almost full.

My new lifestyle would be to live 4 weeks in a different city, then 1 week at home. In each city, I would stay in a Luxury Airbnb or a five star hotel.

I would hire a professional soccer coach. I’m talking someone that trains pro players. I’m Arab and I’m tired of not being good at soccer, just a few months of lessons and I’ll be able to participate in pick up games and have fun.

I would also hire singing, guitar and piano instructors. Singing would be the toughest because my voice sucks, but I figure with time I can be good enough to sing a song if I want to reference it. That’s how bad I am today.

27. Go big or go home.

I’m blowing it all on a castle. No, not one of those fairy tale mansions from the 19th century robber barons called ‘castles’.

Oh no. A fully loaded, honest-to-god, obsolete, medieval fortress. Two curtain walls, a keep, towers, barbican, portcullis, murderholes, loopholes, machicolations, the works. It’ll be a well warmed summer retreat/place to hide out if another plague hits the world.

I’m buying Au Train island in the Upper Peninsula to be specific.

When the feds finally come after billionaires to pay their fair share, I’m running to my island and sealing the gates behind me.

So I can get my affairs in order and pay my taxes. What were you thinking I was gonna do? Hide from the IRS? They can breach any castle lmao.

28. They actually make these.

A giant hamster wheel for my cats. Nothing else to add. Just a huge wheel for my 2 cats. My male needs an outlet. I swear he has adhd.

29. Best idea ever.

I live in the woods, and I harbor a secret dream of filling my woods with a menagerie of completely nonsensical statues.

Go and take a little stroll through the trees, encounter an army of giant lobsters.

30. This way you can buy two.

A giant inflatable Grinch for my front yard. I’ve wanted one for years, but I know as soon as I buy one the a-hole teenagers across the street will vandalize it.

31. It’s good to have a backup plan.

A trebuchet. Because when my tank breaks down I’m gonna just hurl it into the next county.

Far superior to a catapult.

32. That’s what I’m talking about.

Maybe not exactly “useless” in the way people are thinking (the way the question is asked makes me think by “useless” they mean “stupid/wasteful” but I’m thinking in terms of things that are fun and only for the purpose of having fun), but do vacations count?

If I had that much money all to myself, I would 100% rather have a regular sized house/car and spend the money on experiences instead.

The idea of having a normal life but knowing that I can just decide to take the day off and go to DisneyLand or treat myself to a fancy dinner whenever the hell I want to is a fantasy I’ve had since I was literally a little kid. I get that those aren’t useful things because they’re not things I could USE like a car/house/purse/etc, but I’d definitely be happy:)

33. Sounds like fun.

A full set of medieval armor 1250s/1400s/1450s

And candies.

34. That could come in handy.

Well this stuff is only useless if there isn’t some sort of apocalyptic event that happens in my lifetime.

That said, I’d go full prepper and bury myself a bunker in the desert with tons of food and water stored away and decked out with solar panels, a garage full of electric cars, and a stash of every sort of modern electronic equipment available in vast quantities.

So this would be a huge waste of money if there’s never an apocalypse. But it would be very valuable to me if there happens to be one.

35. The coolest house on the block.

My own arcade room with DDR, claw machines, shooter games and such

36. Loot the gem & mineral show.

Go on a road trip to Tucson, hit the gem & mineral show, and buy everything that caught my eye. I’d probably have to rent a U-Haul to bring my loot home.

Then I would have to buy a house to display them all…

These are all solid choices, I admit. I don’t know if anyone other than my mother would consider travel useless, but that’s probably what I would do.

What about you? What useless thing would be at the top of your list? Let us know in the comments!