Listen, we want to be adventurous and try new things, but if we know what certain foods are, it can be weird enough to turn us off.

But these people gave some really strange things a go – not always on purpose – and now they’ve got good answers to the question “what’s the worst thing you ever ate?”

1. What a stinker!

I made spaghetti once a few months back in the early fall, and I guess after the initial plates, I left it to cool uncovered so I could put the leftovers away.

So the next day my husband is enjoying some spaghetti for lunch when CRUNCH he bit into a stink bug that had landed in it. If you know how badly a stink bug smells, you can only imagine how bad it tastes.

My husband was projectile vomiting within five minutes and it’s been months and he won’t let me make spaghetti anymore because it reminds him of it. I cannot fathom how bad that must have tasted

2. Like some kind of sick joke.

This clear liquid medicine I had to take as a kid when I was diagnosed with a polio like disease called coxsackie.

The name is funny, I don’t even remember the effects, but that medicine legit tasted like battery acid or something.

3. WHY, though?

Brussels Sprouts flavored Jones soda.

From the holiday pack about 15 years ago.


4. Even the dog said nope.

When I was young my grandparents on my dads side spent every Christmas Eve at our house. It was great.

Except my Grandma’s contribution to the dinner. Which was an awful dish called Tomato Aspic. It is basically tomato juice Jello, and is every bit as awful as it sounds. The whole family hated it, but my grandma couldn’t cook, and did the best she could.

I remember being 10, and tried sneaking some to my dog that would eat everything from socks to dog poop.

He growled at me and bared his teeth.

If a dog that eats poop and licks his own butthole tells you to get that crap away from him, you dont eat it either.

5. Are people masochists?

Did not know about that one, but came here to say my worst was ranch dressing flavored soda.

Couldn’t even swallow it, throat slammed shut.

Horrible. Smelled like moldy socks and tasted even worse.

6. How could you?

There’s a recipe floating around called Party Cheese Salad. It’s consists of: Lemon or Lime Jello, Bell Pepper, Celery, Pimentos, Pecans, Crushed Pineapples, Cream Cheese, Cool Whip and Cheddar Cheese.

It turns into this blob of horror that I cannot believe someone thought would be good. There are several videos where people make it and can’t even finish one bite.

7. Are you a powerful wizard now though?

Umbilical cord blood from a complete stranger. Not even lying, I use to be a paramedic and had to deliver a baby in the field once. I did everything exactly how I was taught in school and clamped the cord down and proceeded to cut it with my scalpel.

They neglected to teach us in school that the clamped part of the cord is still under pressure.

Blood squirted in my mouth, on my shirt and on my pants, so I basically had to suction a newborn baby and stimulate her while savoring the taste of the same nutrients that kept her alive the past 9 months.

To make matters worse, the mom wouldn’t name the baby after me.

8. Straight down the drain.

A Slim Shady.

It was a drink I ordered from a bar in Singapore.

A shot of warm bourbon poured into a warm half pint of Murphy’s.

The temperature in Singapore as you can imagine is something akin to being in a hot oven all day all night all year round. Even breathing is difficult. As a tourist you get hot and thirsty.

I think that’s the only drink in my life I just said f**k it after one sip.. I ordered it, I’ll pay for it but bring me a cold water to get that s**t out of my mouth please. God damn

9. Two things to avoid.

Once I popped some electrolyte/mineral pills in my mouth and started chomping away on my way to the gym.

I thought I had grabbed my almonds.

They began foaming and tasted extremely bitter and sour at the same time.

I thought I was getting poisoned.

Also once tried an olive straight off a tree. Also tasted like poison. Don’t recommend

10. I’m sure some people rave about it.

Tumeric lemonade – today from Chipotle.

Don’t get me wrong – I love lemonade, and turmeric goes great in a lot of things.

Just not together.

11. Kids always tell the truth.

A cheese ball at this church lady’s house (one of my grandma’s friends). It tasted like dirty socks that a cat had been playing with for months. But I have never laughed as hard as I did that day…

I (stupidly) asked my then 11-year-old sister (who is on the spectrum and thus has problems modulating her voice) if she had had a cheese ball. She proceeds to effectively yell:


The look of death we got from that old lady…

12. The face I just made.

A guy puked in my mouth while I was intubating him.

That tasted bad.

13. My cat agrees.

A lightning bug (firefly). I was running through the garden at dusk and one flew into my mouth.

It was disgusting!

Very chemical.

14. The face I bet he made.

A properly ripened persimmon, in my opinion, is really good – but one year around Christmas I got one that must have been under ripe or something because it tasted good for 0.02 seconds before the texture turned into literal sand and sucked every particle of moisture out of your mouth.

Literally the worst thing ever.

15. That’s one word for it.

The glue they use on temporary dental crowns is extremely rude.

I swallowed it.

Couldn’t stop tasting that for days.

16. Birds are awful.


I was lying on my back in a field and the thing flew by. It was a hit job. IT TASTED LIKE WARM BERRIES, I HATE THESE SKY RATS!

Some of you are picturing a nice berry dinner and don’t think it sounds too bad…these weren’t raspberries they were a**berries.

17. Sometimes you don’t want to know.

When I was super young—probably way too young to be going down to the lake near our house on my own—I came across this black thing on the ground. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it looked like a delicious chestnut like the ones my mom would bring home in huge bags to both snack on and feed squirrels with.

So I did what any sensible pre-kindergartener would do, and took a bite. … It was not a chestnut.

To this day I can’t imagine what it was, but it was the absolute worst tasting thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.

I still remember crying as I was walking all the way back home, sure I’d been poisoned and was going to die.

18. I bet it worked extra fast!

One time I chewed on a gel advil.

It had some kind of liquid inside that numbed my mouth and my throat and I thought I was gonna die.

It was so bitter too.

19. That was a close one.

I walked the dog once as a kid during summer vacation. Noticed I had something brown on my finger, immediately thought it was chocolate.

I had not had any chocolate that day…

Luckily my nose stopped me before said finger was within licking distance. Found a hole in the corner of the poop bag I was holding and swiftly realized that yes, I am in fact a f**king moron.

20. Teenagers, man.

Bong water.

I don’t even remember how I got it in my mouth.

It got there. I vomited. And I tasted it for three days.


21. A true nightmare.

I was eating a hard boiled egg.

I bit into the egg and my mouth was filled with what I can only describe as a mouthful of wet dirty pigeon.

I looked down and found a chicken fetus. It had feathers and everything.

And it was the only time I almost puked from food.

22. Nightmares forever.

I stayed with some friends one summer during high school and the mom did not cook, it was a known thing. She grew up wealthy and married down into the middle class.

One night she made something that was cream of mushroom soup, cooked in a casserole dish with fennel seeds, crushed up Ritz crackers and rice – but it all soaked together into a single consistency. the taste still haunts me.

23. So bad it nearly caused an accident.

One time I was eating a bag of chips (I think they were Doritos) while driving late at night. It was dark so I couldn’t really see what I was eating. Turns out in the bag there was a big concentrated clump of flavoring dust that formed somehow.

Popped that whole sucker right in my mouth. BIG mistake. You might think it would just taste like chip dust, but no. It tasted like dirt and pain. It’s like there was so much condensed flavor that my brain had an integer overflow error. I nearly drove off the road.

So if you ever find something like that at the bottom of a bag of chips, I strongly advise not trying anything more than a little nibble of it.

24. That’s quite a description.

Those quixel things. You make little art like a diamond pick axe from mine craft out of small coloured cubes on a grid then spray water on them so they stick together. Anyway, it said do not put in mouth.

The first thing I did and OH MY GOD it tasted like a lemon that had been addicted to heroin for the past 8 years. It was the worst taste ever

25. Cheese is such a personal choice.

I once ate a soft cheese that tasted like band-aids (plasters). Why do I know what that tastes like?

I guess from pulling them off my finger with my teeth? I don’t know. But that cheese was straight bandaids.

26. Why are kids omg.

Took a bite out of deodorant when I was in middle school.

It was bitter and made parts of my mouth that came in contact really dry. Definitely good at what it does.

27. That sounds extremely unpleasant.

One time I went into an apartment of a deceased lady… died in her bath.

I was an emt… I could taste her…been there in the summer heat for 2ish weeks.

Flies everywhere.

28. Call a priest.

I used to eat chicken liver when I ate meat. I would bread it and fry it. It was so good.

One day I found fried chicken livers in the deli section of the grocery store and I had been craving them so I bought them. I ate the first one just fine, maybe a bit dry. The second one I bit into was… Jesus. It had obviously turned or was diseased or something. It was a gooey almost pudding-like consistency. The flavor was so pungent that all I did was chew once but it was all I could taste or smell immediately. I couldn’t breathe. My eyes started watering. I started throwing up. Even my throw up tasted like it, though I hadn’t even swallowed it.

After I finished throwing up I brushed my teeth repeatedly and literally drank mouthwash. I did not get that taste out of my mouth for days.

To this day (it was about a year ago) I can still remember that taste.

29. Too many of us have been there.

One time I was in the very early stages of pregnancy. I had been taking fish oil supplements. I had morning sickness really bad during this pregnancy.

I burped not long after taking this pill and the taste was horrible, dead fish! It was so nasty I immediately threw up catching it in my hands as I ran to the sink.

30. From our nightmares.

The disgusting beans from the Beanboozled challenge.

Seriously, how tf do they get those nasty a$s flavours?

31. I would have puked.

I accidentally drank a dip spit can instead of my beer at a party in college once

Truly, horrifically… I puked. ?.

32. You think you like bacon, but…

I was in a mall one time and the candy store there had a cooler with a bunch of sodas. One of these was Bacon Soda. Me being a very curious person who likes trying new things was like, “Hey, I like bacon, I like carbonated drinks, why don’t I try carbonated bacon?”

I went outside to get some fresh air and try this soda because I didn’t want to accidentally spill anything. I took a sip and it was unbearable. It tasted like a dog treat mixed with what you’d imagine burnt rubber taste like.

The worst part was there were people around so not only did I have to hide the disgust on my face, I kept drinking so people wouldn’t judge me for wasting a soda. The lesson here is the classic

Curiosity killed the cat mixed with don’t be afraid of what people think. Seriously, don’t.

33. Realllllly funny, huh?

For 35 years (post war to about 1985) my Grandfather worked in a lab developing new cake mixes for donuts and other cake stuffs.

After retiring, my Grandfather would make weekly trips to the old plant/lab for a visit. While there he would often be given as many paper bags of plain vanilla donuts which were the test batches for the day. If I recall the lab always produced and entire rack of material to test the new mixtures. Most went to trash because people who worked there could only take home so much.

When I visited my Grandparents house during that period, also on a weekly basis, many of those bags would be handed down to me. I probably only ate about 2-3 donuts per week.

One day, I got into my car to go to a matinee movie with school friends and I brought a donut with me. Once moving I grabbed the donut from passenger seat and bit into it as normal. What happened next, almost caused a motor vehicle accident. The taste of this one bite was the most REVOLTING thing I had ever (or since) experienced. It sent signals to my brain that I MUST evacuate this material from my mouth IMMEDIATELY!

I stopped the car in the middle of the road in order to open the door and spit that vile shit out onto the road. I also threw that donut as far into the distance as possible. I was completely disgusted but finished my mission of going to the movies.

Next time I was at Grandparents house I mentioned this crazy experience I had with one of the donuts, and the fact I threw out the entire batch, thinking it was actual poison. He thought about it for not more than a moment and a smile ran across his face. One of his former lab worker colleagues had intended that donut (or that bag perhaps) for HIM. He indicated it was an old workplace prank to add this vile, but very much non-poison, chemical to the mix to punk the other staff. After telling me all this, he looked me in the eye and said: “That shit is pretty fucking evil isn’t it?” We had a good laugh.

I guess I can never know with certainty whether he arranged that for me, but from what I know of him, his practical jokes didn’t typically have such a nasty effect. I believe him more than his colleagues.

I can still taste it in my mind a little bit. That is how horrible that taste was.

Grandpa has been gone since 1997, this all happened in 1987. I would taste that shit willingly ONE more time if I could only laugh with him about it just a once more… (I am doing that anyway, but be better with him present)

34. That is NOT ok.

I worked in a cadaver lab a few years back and we were pulling down bodies from the fridge for the next year of students.

One of the bags ripped from above my head and poured directly onto my face and mouth.

I’ve never tasted anything worse and I doubt I will ever have the pleasure. ?

35. No one likes that experience.

Once when I was like 14 or so I got some sort of stomach bug and I was throwing up for 24 hours. I emptied my stomach totally and was still retching.

About the third or fourth trip on an empty stomach I vomited green bile. I’m still haunted by how disgusting that tasted.

36. I guess it could have been worse.

I used to install gutters, there was this one commercial building that already had gutters, but needed more downspouts. I cut into the bottom with a hole saw, and got mud and ice from inside the gutter in my mouth.

It tasted,,, strange. Bad, and kind of nutty. Turns out, there was a decomposing magpie that I was also drilling into.

37. Why would someone make that??

Zombie Skittles.

I thought it was just going to be a random mystery flavor or at worst just a somewhat bad taste but boy was I wrong! When you bite into the “rotten zombie” flavor it tastes what rotting meat smells like and it doesn’t go away.

After you eat one it just sticks with you and the smell comes back up every time you breathe. So disgusting.

These are excellent answers and I shall avoid each of these in the future, if possible.

I hope it’s possible.

If you’ve got a good answer to this question, share it with us in the comments!