A 90-year-old woman in Oklahoma came terrifyingly close to losing her life in a house fire, but she was rescued in the nick of time by four teenagers.

Catherine Ritchie has lived in her house in Tulsa for 58 years. In May, she was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when she turned around and noticed that the head of her bed was on fire.

The woman called 911 and her emergency call button, but she was struggling to make it out of the house.

“The smoke was so bad, I couldn’t see to get out of my room,” Catherine told reporters.

Photo Credit: KTUL

That’s when four boys between the ages of 14 and 17 came to her rescue. They were in a nearby home when they walked outside and noticed the smell.

Nick Byrd, 14, managed to break in through the back door. He ran inside and found Catherine, lost in a smoky hallway.

Catherine said.

“This young boy was right there. He picked me up, and I said, ‘I can walk,’ and he said, ‘We’re getting out of here.'”

Photo Credit: KTUL

Nick recalled…

“I just kind of heard her. I went to the right of the house and no one was there. I went to the left of the house, and I saw her in the hallway, so I just grabbed her and took her to Seth.”

Catherine made it out safely, and firefighters arrived to stop the flames before they spread.

Catherine and her 10 children are forever grateful to the teens for their brave, quick action.

“They were just special, as young as they were,” she said.