The thing about parenting is that we’re all looking for ways to make it easier. When we come up with something genius, we want to share it with the world. Because we’re a village, right?

Also, we want to show off how smart and clever we are despite not having any sleep or money…

So, scroll through these brilliant parenting hacks for creative ways to help you keep your little angels thriving another day.

1. DIY Genius

Photo Credit: Smart School House

2. You shall not pass (or use too much toilet paper).

Photo Credit: Amandathevirtouswife

3. Keep bugs and sun off and let the fresh air in.

Photo Credit: Healthy Way

4. Lid on, straw in, mess avoided.

Photo Credit: Instagram

5. When going to a crowded event, write contact info on their arms and cover with liquid band-aid.

Photo Credit: Lifestylezz

6. Keep bathtime fun and toys close with a laundry basket bathtub.

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Use pool noodles on walkers to protect walls and baseboards.

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. Toddlers and ice cream cones can be tricky so use a paper plate, thusly.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Cherish these years with your children, fellow parents. They fly by way too fast. You can always sleep in and count your money later.

Much, much later. Say 15 or so years from now.

At least you have these cool hacks until then.