In an era where sending an emoji is considered a full, well thought out response, the humble period can seem inadequate.

It’s time to punch up your punctuation and start writing words again!

Here are 9 punctuation marks that will really get your point across without needing to choose which kind of smiley face to use.

1. Interrobang

Besides having an awesome name, interrobang is a mark you won’t think you need until you see it. It combines a question mark with an exclamation mark—?! Example: My boss fired me using an emoji?!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

2. Irony Mark

Show off your cleverness, with this mark full of snark in front of your ironic sentences. This will warn other people, ironic and non-ironic alike, that some wit is about to unleash itself.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

3. Rhetorical Question Mark

Do you even know what that is? Wait, don’t answer. But, the next time you propose a question which you fully intend to answer yourself, then use this backwards question mark just so everyone is clear.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

4. Love Point

Awww. Who wouldn’t get the sweet meaning behind a backward question mark facing a question mark?

The real question is, do you love it? Yes or YES?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

5. Acclamation Point

When an exclamation point is not enough, use this mark instead. Twice the punch, twice the passion. Yay!!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

6. Doubt Point

Seen this one before? Probably not. If you want to express your skepticism, however, stick this at the end of your question and see if the answer you get is exactly what you expected.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

7. Certitude Point

The opposite of the doubt point, the certitude point is used to express your utter and total conviction. Punctuation like this is certain to get your point across. Don’t argue with me on this.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

8. SarcMark

A favorite of teens and other snarky populations, the sarcmark will let others know you are being sarcastic. You’re welcome.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

9. Asterism

No, this trio of asterisks are not weather predictions of snow. They were once used to break chapters into sub-chapters or split up long texts. It’s more common to see a set of hash marks or asterisks.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Next time you need to communicate, drill deep into how you really want to come across.

Now you have a punctuation mark for your every, very specific, occasion.