Who hasn’t looked at a dog that needed a family and wanted to take them home? For a lot of people, it happens many times – maybe even every day, if you watch a lot of dog videos on the internet. Some people take their time in choosing a new dog to bring home, and others, like these women, act a little bit more…impulsively. Maybe it’s maternal instincts kicking in, but these ladies saw doggos that needed a home and immediately adopted them.

Which is great and all – an animal in need has a home! – but it also means they’ve got some ‘splaining to do…

1. Who could say no to that face?

Photo Credit: Redbook

2. She was just going out for some milk, and then…

Photo Credit: me.me

3. At least this wife did leave the house to get a pet of some sort

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

4. She’s just helping out a friend

Photo Credit: Redbook

5. But, but, he’s a purebred!

Photo Credit: Redbook

6. So I was walking down the street, totally NOT looking for a dog…

Photo Credit: Redbook

7. It’s a boy!

Photo Credit: Rear Front

8. Price check, adorable puppies, aisle 9.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

9. A deal is a deal

Photo Credit: Rear Front

Who could be mad at their wife after seeing the joy they brought home? And in some cases that joy comes with a whole bunch of liquor, so any way you look at it, everyone is a winner!