There is a beautiful cat living in Thailand and we want to snuggle her sooooo much.

There’s not much we can tell you about where she came from or how she lives because there really isn’t much info out there about her. But dang if she’s not one of the cutest (and most mysterious) cats on the interwebs right now.

Look how her gorgeous face is two-toned.


She looks like she has two faces. Absolutely fascinating. Apparantly, her name is Cat.

Very fitting for a…cat?


At any rate, she’s very photogenic.

She must love having her photo taken because she’s quite serene and even looks wise–like she knows things.

But rumor has it she hates toilet paper.


The cuddly cat has a face that’s grey one side and white on the other.

The colors are perfectly split down the middle of her little kitty nose, like she’s two different cats smushed together.

But, this strange coloring is typical of cats known as Chimeras.


Do you think she’s like a lot of cats and has a dual personality?

You know the type–friendly and sweet one minute then ready to rip your arm off in the next?


No, we don’t think so. We think she’s pretty chill all the time. Just look at those big amber eyes checking that dead bug.


Wait… water you doing?


And ya gotta see this gal in action!


What do you think of this beauty? Would you want a kitty just like this?

Tell us in the comments, fam! That’s what we love to read.