I know 2019 isn’t quite over yet, but maybe we should throw Josh Jaconelli’s name in the ring for the “Father of the Year” award.

Jaconelli is a father from Glasgow, Scotland, and his 6-year-old daughter Ava is confined to a wheelchair due to a genetic condition called Aicardi syndrome.

Like any good dad, Jaconelli wanted his daughter to have a special Halloween.

So Jaconelli thought about how he give his daughter a night to remember and he came up with a plan.

He got some tinsel, plumbing pipe, and some lights and he went to work on Ava’s wheelchair. A short time later, dad had transformed his daughter’s wheelchair into Cinderella’s carriage.

And, of course, Ava was dressed up just like the princess as well to make the costume complete.

Jaconelli shared photos of Ava’s costume on Facebook and they went viral in a hurry.

Who doesn’t love a real-life fairytale?!?!

Ava’s mother Kayleigh Porter said,

“Ava, like any other six-year-old girl, wants to be a princess, so we wanted to make her day so special because Ava can’t go out trick-or-treating like most kids because she’s nil by mouth.

So we wanted to give her attention and see her face light up with the lights and we just wanted everybody to know how special she is to us and her family.”

Porter added,

“She loves lights and she loves being the center of attention and she definitely got center of attention with that one.”

This was surely a Halloween that Ava, and her father, will remember forever.