If you’re not a father, it’s hard to describe what the absolute and total love feels like for a child. And also for the mother who brought your child into the world.

And though it’s hard to put into words, this father did a good job of describing just how much love and respect he has for his wife, the mother of his child.

Ireland and parents

Here is the article by a man named William in appreciation of his wife:

“For 9 months, your mother was all you knew.

Before I held you in my arms, your mother held you and never let you go.

Before I sacrificed time for you, your mother gladly sacrificed her body.

Before I consoled you when you were upset, your mother consoled you with just the beat of her heart.

Mother and daughter

Before I comforted you when you were restless, your mother comforted you with just the sound of her voice.

Before I could do anything for you, your mother gave everything for you.

Your mother is the reason I hold you today.

Crazy Uncle Steve

Before you were even a twinkle in my eye…”

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

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