Ever seen the horror movie Final Destination 2?

The opening scene is gruesome and bloody, as it features a major, catastrophic pileup on a highway that turns deadly in ways that will become chilling soon enough.

(WARNING: this is a VERY violent, R-rated scene. You don’t need to watch this to understand the rest of article.)

Now, why are we discussing that semi-obscure movie scene from 2003, you ask?

Because of a recent event that took place in Georgia where life came close, but thankfully did not imitate art.

A driver rear-ended a logging truck and survived the crash with only minor injuries, despite the insane photos of the accident. Get a load of this photo and ask yourself how anyone could make it out of this wreck alive.

The man only received minor injuries because he was actually leaning down to get something when he rear-ended the truth and all of the logs came through his windshield. How’s that for timing?

Rescue workers had to saw through 30-40 logs before they were able to get the driver out of the vehicle. The position that the driver’s head was in at the time of the accident led one rescue worker to remark, “It was as if it was almost created just for his head.”

Here’s a photo of the aftermath from another, closer angle.


Seems like a one in a billion chance of that ever happening again.

Somebody up there is looking out for you, buddy!