If you’re looking for something truly inspiring, you’ve come to the right place.

Kevin Fredericks is an actor, a comedian and also a very, very proud papa. In an Instagram video that went viral, he shows the world exactly why… by yelling at his kid?

It sounds confusing, but Fredericks explained on his post, “I don’t usually yell at my kids but he deserved it.”

Yeah he did!


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I don’t usually yell at my kids but he deserved it.

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It’s clear why this is so special.

We’ve all been afraid of what our parents might say if we screw up in school, so to see the exact opposite happen in a surprising, funny, heartfelt way… omg, my heart is just bursting right now. That was the most touching thing I’ve seen in such a long time.

I mean, just look at that smile!

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Parenting. You’re doing it right, Kevin!