Don’t let anyone ever tell you that the “kindness of strangers” doesn’t exist anymore because, based on this story, I’d say it’s alive and well in today’s world.

A man shared his experience on Twitter about helping out a female stranger in need when he stepped onto a subway platform in the Bronx in New York City. He was approached by a woman who was a stranger to him.

This was obviously a very serious situation and the man had second thoughts, but before he knew it the woman was hugging her.

The woman, and now the man playing the role of Good Samaritan, continued on with the act all the way to her building.

The man said he usually didn’t take that route, so it was lucky for the scared woman that he happened to be going that way on that particular day.

He also admitted he was taken aback by the unusual situation.

He also told the woman that she could get in touch with him and he and his boyfriend would be glad to meet her and walk her to safety anytime.

The man/hero then provided an update.

The story is actually pretty terrifying and unsettling.

The two bonded and opened up to each other.

He also got to meet her family.

The woman was extremely appreciative and put the experience in perspective for the man.

The man then gave credit where credit was due.

The Twitter thread went viral and other people weighed in with similar experiences.

Why do people act like this?

This SHOULD NOT be this common!

Good work, sir! Let’s see more of this out there, please!

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