Just thinking about watching three toddlers instantly gives me a headache and makes me think that I would demand at least $12 an hour…and I think that’s being pretty generous, don’t you?

I think we can all agree on what term we can use to describe this woman, don’t you? How about cheapskate? Does that work?


Here’s the story. A woman shared a text exchange on Reddit between her, a potential babysitter, and the mother of three toddlers who was looking for someone to watch her kids. Now, there’s always some kind of negotiation when it comes to payment, but you would probably assume that babysitters would make at least $10 or $12 an hour, right?

Especially when you consider that this gal was going to have to watch three kids under the age of 4…oh, and she mentioned in the text thread that none of them are potty-trained but that the potential sitter was “more than welcome to work on it.” The mom’s offer for the evening: a measly 8 bucks an hour…

Here’s the full text thread:

Anyone who has worked in childcare knows she hit babysitter bingo.
by inChoosingBeggars

The sitter wanted $15 an hour (remember, three kids under the age of 4), and the mom said there’s “no way” she would pay that much and that she’s never paid more than $8 an hour. The mother then said the babysitter would “barely have to do anything” and that she should “be grateful.”

To which the sitter said,

“Maybe you can sucker some poor teenager to babysit.”

Boom. Mic drop.

What do you think about this situation? If you’re a parent, how much do you pay for babysitting these days? And, if you’re a sitter, what do you charge?

Let us know in the comments! Let’s get a good, old fashioned debate going here!