Carson Pickett plays soccer for the Brisbane Roars and Orlando Pride.

Recently, a picture of her fist-bump with a 18-month old fan, Joseph Tidd went viral, and for ALL the right reasons…

Joseph’s parents snapped the pic of the jubilant Australian star who has the same condition as their son. Both Pickett and Joseph have under-developed left hands, which makes the fist-bump even more lovable.

The adorable image was posted on social media by Pickett’s manager and shared by thousands. The smiles on Pickett and Joseph are so bright, the whole photo just beams.

The condition, called Symbrachydactyly, is congenital and the result is an arm and hand not fully developing while in the womb.

The two are actually old buddies, having met earlier in the year. Since, their friendship started, Joseph likes to attend her matches to watch his pal in action.


Now, their special bond has made them internet darlings.

Joseph’s mother, Colleen Tidd, told the Washington Post that Joseph giggled all the way home from the match, looking at his arm, excited because of his friend.

Despite the distinction in his arm, Joseph is confident and friendly. He has met athletes of all sorts with limb differences, including Shaquem Griffin, linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks.


Tidd said she received terrific support from Lucky Fin, a non-profit that encourages and educates individuals born with symbrachydactyly.

But Joseph hasn’t let his arm slow him down and his self-assuredness puts others at ease. Everyone who meets him knows he is set to accomplish incredible things. He can certainly spread smiles.