If you’re a parent, you may be involved in the Parent Teacher Association, or PTA, in your district.

The PTA is a group of parents and teachers who are meant to make decisions in the best interests of schools and their students. But, just like any public office or political party, sometimes the best of intentions can be corrupted by power and money.

When one mom took over her PTA, she was calculated, ruthless, and, ultimately, made things better for everyone in her school district.

Her co-worker tells the story—it’s obvious he thinks quite highly of her and has always been impressed with what he knows of her intellect.

“My coworker destroyed the PTA”

I worked in a state senator’s office with a very smart and capable mom.

She was the senator’s aide but that was only for part of the year and I’m fairly certain she didn’t really have a career apart from that. But incredibly capable.

This lady would always surprise me with the things she had done.

Like once she casually mentioned the time she had gone to some conference in Australia to give a speech and I was like “wait…what?”

It’s also clear he’s not a fan of PTA groups, and his description of them is pretty accurate.

My favorite thing she told me about was when she destroyed her local PTA. So in the states we have these organizations called Parent Teacher Associations.

It’s a national organization with local chapters for different schools.

They exist to foster relations between parents and teachers but usually just turn into lots of Karen’s making unnecessary rules, getting upset over stupid things, and generally causing problems. Usually staffed by the type of people who like to create and solve problems to justify their existence.

Sort of like an HOA for schools.

Politics, money, or drama did not sway the woman in question—she knew what she was going to do and did it.

Anyway, this lady was no Karen. She didn’t create problems, she solved them.

She hated the PTA at her childrens’ school. It was always causing problems and had budget problems. When it finally began getting field trips and recess banned and wasting fundraising money and membership dues on “administrative costs,” among other issues, she decided she had had enough.

She joined the PTA, worked her way through it’s ranks, volunteered at all the events, ran for office, and became president of the PTA. She then used the bylaws and her influence to disband the chapter.

The results spoke for themselves.

The kicker is then she created her own local club to replace the PTA, one that wasn’t influenced by a national parent organization and bureaucracy.

She was able to raise tons of money for awesome events, projects, and trips for the students and ran the club way more effectively than the PTA had ever been.

And everyone at the school lived happily ever after.

Such a cool lady.

TLDR coworker pulls a Ron Swanson and replaces her local PTA with her own organization

We wonder if this woman can go into politics—the world, no doubt, needs more people like her in positions of power.

Redditors agreed and also told their own stories of PTA hell.

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Some chalked it up to lazy parents—they wanted all of the accolades without doing any of the work.

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One reader said her district had a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), which had no dues and had a more genuine intent in helping the kids.

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A Redditor offered up her own PTA horror story. Head lice? Yikes!

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Finally, another reader put her actions right up there with those of Greeks in ancient mythology.

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