I don’t know if you’re ready for the cuteness that you’re about to experience. Actually, I don’t know if I’m ready for this. But we have to push forward and face this together, okay?

There’s a cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, that is popular with tourists and for good reason. When you enter this sacred place, 12 corgis rush to meet you.

What else could you really ask for in life?



Tanchanok Kanawaong is the owner of Corgi in the Garden and she’s absolutely in love with the breed. She had five corgis who in turn had some pups and now she’s got a dozen corgis(!), and they are all regulars in her cafe.


And, obviously, the customers love the pooches and the feeling is mutual.



The dogs get a lot of treats throughout the day from customers, but it’s ok: they run in the garden at least three times a day to let off some steam and burn some calories.

Every day that Corgi in the Garden is open, there are one-hour sessions for people to play with the dogs and hang out at the cafe for $11 per person (not bad!). And the pooches get one-hour breaks during the day so they can snooze and lounge around like doggos love to do.


Kanawaong said about the rules of the house,

“I would also like to add […] that the well-being of the Corgis has always been our priority, so we’ve set up some playing rules. Because we have limited seating, we can’t accept reservations and provide first come, first served service to walk-in customers only. More details can be found on our official Facebook page.”


This is my idea of heaven…