We all love our pets and we like to honor them in a number of different ways. Paintings, t-shirts, jewelry, etc. Heck, for Christmas last year, my sister got me a pair of socks with her dog Bea’s face on them because I’m the designated dogsitter for that wonderful pooch and, to be frank with you, Bea and I have fallen in love over the years.

And I wear those Bea socks everywhere!

But a dog owner named Soleil Pond might just take the cake when it comes to honoring her pet, a pooch named Nimbus.


Pond had been keeping all of Nimbus’ fluffy fur because she knew she wanted to use it to create something special as a tribute to her beloved pooch.

I mean, just look at that face! How could you not be in love with him?!?!


As the fur piled up, Pond thought more and more about what she might be able to create that would be unique…


And then it finally dawned on her!

Why not make a pair of boots to keep warm? So Pond gave all of Nimbus’ fur to a friend of hers who made her these beauties that Pond says will “tolerate temperatures as low as -40 degrees.”

Whoa! I think she might have started a hot new trend with these…

Photo Credit: Facebook

This is what living your best life looks like, people!

Have you done anything creative like this with your pets? If so, tell us about it in the comments.

And share some pics if you have ’em! Thanks fam!