Dealing with anxiety is a daily, exhausting struggle that can wear a person down and affect their relationships with all the people around them.

Being worn down mentally from anxiety can lead to crying breakdowns and all kinds of emotional outbursts. But there is always hope and that’s why posts like this are important. They make you realize you’re not alone in your struggle.

A woman by the name of Lauren Eberspacher wrote about how her anxiety makes her feel like she is constantly failing over and over again.

She said:

“I’m so tired of trying so hard.

“Hey honey, why don’t you come and just sit down and relax a little,” my husband asked as I was rummaging around in the kitchen cabinets.

I huffed under my breath at him. “I can’t, I just can’t,” I replied. “There’s just too much to do.”

“So much that you can’t come and sit down with me for five minutes?” He pushed a little harder.

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I smacked the washcloth down on the counter and whipped around at him.

“No, actually I can’t. Because I have to get all of the leftovers put away and get these pots and pans soaking. Then I have to go and put the kids’ sheets in the dryer so I can make sure they are dry before bedtime.

Also, we’re out of milk so I need to run into town before the grocery store closes. Oh, and we’re out of toilet paper, too. And the kids have been crying all day, I can’t even think straight or remember anything. Oh my gosh, did I have that meeting for church tonight?

Holy crap, I can’t do all of this!”

I leaned up against the counter and began to cry.


There was a few moments of silence before I heard his footsteps coming towards me.

I looked up just in time to see him spread his arms and wrap them around me…”

You can read the rest of Lauren Eberspacher’s in this Facebook post…

How do you feel about this issue?

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