Are cats getting a bad reputation in general because people like to post stories about their kitties being…well, assholes?

Well, we’re here to tell all of you that this stereotype is patently FALSE.

Cats are lovable and, contrary to popular belief, they adore their humans…most of the time.

So let’s celebrate our beloved cats and focus on how adorable and loving they can be.

We think you’re gonna enjoy this…

1. Let’s get one thing straight.

Well, maybe they are sometimes…

Photo Credit: Imgur

2. The look of true love.

You’ve probably seen this look before, right?

Photo Credit: Imgur

3. They can be great cuddlers…when they feel like it.

Go ahead and make yourself comfortable anywhere.

Photo Credit: Imgur

4. Get out into the bright sunshine.

Soak it all up with your best buddy.

Photo Credit: Imgur

5. This is turning into an obsession.

Your little follower will go everywhere with you.

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. We all need a little bit of this.

Do you have a cat that looks at you this way?

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. Hugs all around!

Get those paws wrapped all the way around me!

Photo Credit: Imgur

8. They’re just trying to help.

But I need you to move a little bit to the right.

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. Sometimes you need an assistant.

Like a life coach, a best friend, and a boss all wrapped into one.

Photo Credit: Imgur

10. That is definitely a lie.

They are actually little affection MONSTERS.

Photo Credit: Imgur

11. I think this photo just about sums it up.

Now go give your kitty a squeeze for us!

Photo Credit: Imgur

I told you that you would think these posts were adorable.

Okay, now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, share a photo of your cat and introduce us to them!

We can’t wait to meet all the kitties out there!