Many small businesses and restaurants live and die by their online reviews, especially since smartphones are more popular than ever before.

Those reviews can sometimes be what tips a customer toward (or away from) business.

One man in Alaska recently tried to wield the power of his online review in a negative way.

The man was angry because his server wore a shirt that reads, “Don’t be racist.” So he decided to leave the restaurant a negative review.

Photo Credit: Someecards

The review had an immediate consequence: the server was no longer allowed to wear the shirt to work.

But then, people started flocking to the restaurant’s Facebook page and roasting the guy’s review. The server, Bryan, said the situation changed.

Happily, the restaurant changed its tune and decided to buy all of its employees their own “Don’t be racist” shirts.

Bryan even said he’d post a group photo once everyone has their own shirts.

And he shared the link to the store where he bought the shirt in the first place.

A lot of people pointed out that the phrase “don’t be racist” isn’t even that dramatic (or it shouldn’t be).

It’s just about being a decent person.

As one person pointed out, telling other people to treat their fellow humans with basic dignity doesn’t have to be controversial.

Others noted that the shirt is polite and even professional.

Some people messaged the man who left the negative review in the first place.

Because people honestly couldn’t believe it…

Happily, it seems like the situation has resolved itself.

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