Relationships with our grandparents can be kind of strange. They’re family, but sometimes you just don’t get along that well with them.

Maybe it’s because you come from different generations, maybe it’s because they’re from another country, the possibilities for a clash are endless.

A young woman took to Reddit to tell the strange and kind of infuriating story about her “Grandmonster” stealing her new clothes…to trade them in for some utensils.

Let’s see how this turned out!

Here is the whole story that the young woman wrote on Reddit.

My entitled grandmother stole my new clothes and exchanged them for steel utensils. So I gave away her utensils.
byu/shygirlturnedsassy inpettyrevenge

Oh boy, did people have something to say about this story…this one was very pleased.

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Here’s someone who definitely felt this story in a DEEP way.

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The story struck a chord with this reader.

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And this person could relate on multiple levels.

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And just remember that alliances are always important.

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Wow. That is quite a story.

What do you think? Have you ever butted heads with your grandparents over things and had it escalate like this?

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